Friday, 20 January, 2012

You never know...

You never know what happens tomorrow.
Did you know what happened yesterday?
I am sure it breezed through,
I am sure you didn't know how.
You don't care, really.
You never did.

You never know what happens tomorrow.
It could be a lot like yesterday.

But tomorrow could also be unlike yesterday,
Tomorrow could be like tomorrow.
It could be about moments,
Ones that linger,
Ones that you want to linger on.
You never know...

Infact, tomorrow could be your big day,
It could be about the one thing you have been waiting for,
It could be about everything you ever wanted,
It could be about anything,
Give tomorrow, the one that could, a chance.
You never know...

PS: This is my first poem in 4 years and my first post in 2 years. Unfortunate that it couldn't have been earlier. The so called Top Indian MBA from seems to have crippled me on the writing front. Sad. Even more unfortunate that I seem to have almost abandoned my mental shrine, where my thoughts about the world flowed without abatement. I will try and make sure this never happens again without fail and without excuses.

Monday, 21 December, 2009

Life is all about playing, if you Love the Game.

Many things have happened in my life for the good and for the bad. One of the good things that has happened to me is that i have some how connected to a very large amount of people through out the world for reasons which should best remain unexplained. Thankfully a lot of them have been very erudite in ways they would not want to admit.

In the entire journey till now, which has been very short in terms of years and very long in terms of learning, i have come across people from many walks of life who were both happy and sad about what they were doing at the moment of time when i met them. I tend to ask about what people do and why they chose to do it a lot, those things fascinate me. Sometimes this annoys people especially the kind of people who didn't know why they were doing what they were doing. So i honed my skills and asked people questions more subtly using various innuendos. After talking to a lot of people about their lives in terms of their occupation i realised rather confirmed my doubts that people who did what they loved, loved their job and had mostly no issues with the money they made as well since they naturally excelled at what they loved so remunerations were never a problem. On the other hand guys who just worked not because they loved the job itself but because of other things which the job offered almost always had issues with their lives.

When we look at people we admire in life, remember that we hardly admire people just because they have money, and even when we do that, we fail to realise that making money was not the motive with which the
people on the Forbes and Fortune rich list started out their education plan with. They started out by learning about what they loved and they did what they liked and that's why they are who they are because they are what they do.

I always say my friends a line which usually goes something like this: "In a country whose gdp has a compounded growth rate of approximately 8% per Annum, money making would be the least of the worries for a sensible well educated young man, rather it will be things he least thought would give him problems, things like "what am i doing, why am i doing it, what am i going to leave behind and what exactly is the goal of my life"". Now all this is not new one might say since this can be called as a midlife crisis, well, the only problem is mid-life crisis as the name suggest should hit you at the time of midlife 45-50 and not at the age of 30, why 30? Going by current track record, almost everything we want materialistically would be available to most of us who are reading this blog by the time we turn around 30 and not 45-50 or even more for our parents and theirs. What then? that's the question we need to answer, may be we should begin the whats, whys, hows and whens right about now? Or should have started even sooner? I have been fortunate enough to have answered my own queries long ago, i hope you were too, if you haven't already then remember that its never to late to start. So remember to ask the basic the Whys, Whats, Hows and Whens before you embark upon any worthwhile vocational journey.

A very easy thing to preach and a very difficult thing to practice in the long run is understanding the fact that things that make us happy are not what we want but rather things that we need. We, as naive naivetes, don't understand that subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle difference at an early age and hence fall prey to a vicious cycle from which its very hard to come out of. Most of us never come of out it. Some of us do and live to tell the story.

Why we almost all of us at some point of time fall into this trap is material for another write-up, most probably the next one. i will give you one not-so-subtle clue though : The Education System.

Monday, 10 August, 2009

The Art of Copying.

Eating India alive is its love of copying, from examination halls to office reports, from homework to thesis, from music to movies, from literature to art, from fashion statements to the love of blogging. In India so many things are being copied so fast that its becoming China. The only difference being that China does it with goods and not with human forms of art but since we are more democratic, we do it with everything especially art.
In India though, copying all forms of art is an art in itself. This art is called the art of inspiration, which is defined by the dictionary as - "the arousal of the mind to special unusual activity or creativity". For real artists the "unusual activity" will be a brainstorming session or watching the rainfall out of their window, for the surreal artist though, any good song in the market, which he/she fallaciously thinks no one else has heard, is good enough. Since this activity of the surreal artist requires no inspiration, its thus called inspiration as a mark of sarcasm, mocking the real artists as they require inspiration from within and things around them.
For the surreal artists, the word "copyright" is a term too literal and they someday would want to include "the right to copy" as a fundamental right of every Indian citizen as a mark of respect to . In fact they just might cite that our very own constitution is an amalgamation of various constitutions from countries around the world and since its so, its an act of "inspiration". (I reserve my comments on this)
But the capability of imagination of these surreal artists is commendable. They have the audacity of brilliance in them to imagine that even if they pick up a song that’s a rage world over, numb it down to their level and dumb it down to sound like what they want, the average person will not be able to recognize the original song from the "inspired" song.
An Indian director is now copying Juno, (the worst part is that these directors don’t even change the characterisation or theme) which very well could have an original Indian story only if people had the courage to get inspired from real life rather than from surreal world. An Indian music director is now being sued over by some bands from outside and who lodged the first complaint about this music director's latest lift? His fellow co-music director.
Why stop there? Its not just music or movies but dressing motifs and (funnily enough) attitude problem (or the stylish perception of it) too is now considered the "in" thing and is thus copied merrily. Even Social Networking profiles too have taken a hit (including mine, which now has been copied hundred times over by people who have no idea what they are copying from every major social site). Australian board of education has now realised that most of Indian thesis' for and P.hd programs are copied from one source or the other.
Its about time that we stopped dignifing copying and call stuff "inspired" or even "plagiarised" because even the word plagiarism is used so that the common man, who doesn't understand big words, don't get the real meaning. From now, let's call copying as copying :)

Monday, 8 June, 2009

The fad called Guitar.

Isn't it weird that suddenly out of nowhere there are guys and girls who are proclaiming to be neo-Jimi Hendrix, Roger Walters, Kirk Hammet, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Van Halen or even better? Isn't it weird that the people who claim to be the sole reincarnation of these solo kings have not even heard complete albums or know how they look? Isn't it weird that every second person you know is forming a band and what not? Isn't it weird that all that they learn is guitar but not any other instrument as if the other instruments don't even exist?

well, yes, of course, it is weird. what's more weird is that this sudden blast of "Yooness" has come about after the famed release and success of "rock on!!" which in itself was a fashion overstatement (Sorry "Real Rock" Lovers) with nothing more than mediocre performances which went overboard due to media hype. This coupled with generous doses of Salman Khan magically playing the guitar with only his right hand while the left hand is flexing its biceps year on year has produced the current situation where now almost every second guy and girl i know is playing "Rock" or worse, "Death Metal". and if you ask why is "Rock music" or "death metal" (or for that matter any other kind of music)
named so and what are their origins? The answer will come flying "Erm, watevr dude, jus yoo. peace out man neway ssup?" and if you are really really really unlucky then "jai mata de, lets rock" :|

Neither do they not know how Sa Re Ga Ma is related to Linkin Park (or Metallica or Foo Fighters or GnR or RATM or whoever) but they also don't know how Do Ri Me Fa is related to the same. Neither do they know about what the notes of the 6 strings are and why they are that way nor do they understand terms like pitch, melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo, meter, articulation, dynamics, timbre, texture or scales which are the minimum prequisites of understanding music. At best, they will know tabs. I am not expecting people to know about Chuck Berry, Manna Dey or Bo Diddley but understanding how Aretha Franklin is related to Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar to Eminem and Md.Rafi to Bob Dylan forms the foundation of music. Because C# (known as C sharp) and teevra Sa aren't all that dissimilar.

So can they play a particular song? Yes, of course, there are tabs.
So can you not solve a calculus problem (or even E=mc2)? Yes, of course you can, there are answer sheets. Will you be able to solve any given problem that you don't haven't cheated the answer already? But naturally, you can't. Can they play any given song or music? Of course, not. Just like you can never ever invent a differential calculus problem on your own with an elegant answer if you don't know the basics of math. In the exact same way, they can never make a song if they don't understand the basics of music. And this is exactly why, Unfortunately, for all of us, although more people seem to be playing music but very few are actually learning it. which is why we aren't creating any vast array of new music but we are rather focusing our inept talent of "re"creating music which was already there, thereby ending up with more of the same and less of the different, creating pseudo and plagiarised new music which neither makes musical nor any other sense.

The focus is not on learning or even playing music but on donning skin like Goths with black nail polish, ring on their right ear, band on their right hand and legs, generous dollops of eye shadow, liner etc and fashioning curly long hair. Not just that but people who have no idea whatsoever of music or its farthest cousins are all headbanging their ass off to midteen crisis of cigarette, alcohol, drugs and chicks. A potent mixture of which leaves them impotent by age 27.

Well, how do you recognise this particular brand of people? Its simple, their social networking profiles will have it clearly written that they are quasi-guitar gods and have been only held back because of reasons which can't be understood by the non-yoo community. They will also be wearing shades (preferably in an already dark room), holding the guitar in a way deemed impossible (look at the photo above for details) and have a bowel clogged constipated look on their face (sorry, can't upload nude pics on my blog). Don't believe me? just sign onto your favourite social networking site and just type the keyword "guitar" and abracadabra there you have him- your local, very own, very sassy "yoo-man".

Just like an apple tree won't give you a mango, love for fame can never give these guys the knowledge of music.
In the morass and mire of the fad, fashion and "yooness" we have conclusively lost the art of music and have sold it off to business and limelight of "YOO-MEN" and their "RRAAWWWKSsTAAARSISSSSMM!!!".
All of it reminds me of a very famous song by Metallica called "Sad but true" and makes me question "How many more of these morons do i have to go through before my ears bleed to death?" i guess, "the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind" as said by Bob Dylan :)

Friday, 13 March, 2009

for 21 years.

Thank You Family - The only people who think about you without seeing any profit motive.

Thank You Teachers - The only people who do the same as above but do so without the relation of blood, want of recognition or lust for praise (mostly).

Thank You Friends - The only people who stick to you not because they are obligated.

Thank You "Friends" aka known as Frenmies - The only people who make you practice Kaizen-the Japanese art of continuous self improvement.

Thank You Television, Computer, Internet, Movies, Music, Books et al - The only people who are not made of flesh and blood but give you as much information, if not more, as the people who are made up of flesh and blood.

Thank You all for 21 years of my existence :)

Wednesday, 25 February, 2009

Little Did Danny Know

Question:why does "Slumdog Millionaire", after winning 8 oscars this year, and deservedly so, still needs to prove itself to India/Indians?
Answer:It doesn't. Its a global phenomenon now and neither can BIG nor small As, Bs or Cs can do anything about it. The Academy awards are handed out for brilliance in the art and science of English film making and 8 Academy awards are more then enough to prove its mettle.

The criticism that i have heard most, in and around, for the movie is that it renders poverty in a voyeuristic way, it has won the awards because it was directed by a foreign director and its unrealistic portrayal. The "unrealistic potrayal" bit makes me laugh and begs me to ask "how real are you or any of your movies sir(s)/madam(s)?" This, in fact is as real as reality gets and makes me question if showing the abject poverty of every 3 out of 10 people who live beneath the poverty line in India can be considered as voyeurism or just the naked truth of the Indian underbelly?
Or if a foreign director, trying to make a movie and thereby helping the cause of alleviating the poverty from the lives of the people he touches, sadistic in any form or kind, especially when the upwardly mobile Indians are too busy rejoicing the Forbes list where 4 out the of 10 richest are of Indian origin?

The entire argument can be decided over by a single quote by Abraham Lincoln
"Question:How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg?
Answer:Four; calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg."

Danny Boyle and co, as always, had the courage to show the truth without thinking twice, had the courage to make 1/4th of the movie in Hindi without enquiring with his producer, had the courage to make a movie which had no big actors, had the courage to move on even when the initial distributors backed out, had the courage to direct a movie with a heart and had the courage to read books, which unfortunately, i dare say, our directors/etc don't get time to do, as they are too busy sequencing "item" numbers with the tasteless class for the tasteless mass.

Most of the world's greatest movies, including that of India's, have always come from books. Without literature there is no story and without a story there is no movie.
Its about time India and its junta realised that movies are more about the stories and less about the t-shirt tearing, bullet biting, goggle ogling, stammering, monologusing, accenting and eccentric actors with godforsaken godfathers, godmothers, godbrothers, godsisters and godfriends.

I pity people who choose not to associate with projects on human endeavour and hope but would rather dance in any birthday or marriage party for a crore rupees and return tickets.
I also pity people who frown upon Oscars and would rather grin over baseless plethora of filmy Indian film awards.

The other realities are; this movie of 15 million (75 crores) has now grossed in over 200 million (you do the counting-crores) and has bagged in around 100 awards worldwide.
Apart from the Oscars that Indians have got, it has also given Indian talent a platform to perform and showcase talent on. It has given Tanay Chheda a kiss each from Reese Whitherspoon, Penelope Cruz and Angelina Jolie (most Indian actors would kill for the same from anyone of the names mentioned). It has given Freida Pinto the vogue magazine's a spot in amongst the best 10 dressed lady ranking and given her Woody Allen's next movie which also casts movie also casts Josh Brolin, Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas and Naomi Watts (most Indian actresses would let them be killed for the same). It has also given the slum kids of the movie a flat each and an financial bond which will mature when they will be 18 and be handed over to them.

So at the end of it all i ask you, should we close our eyes and brush poverty under the carpet or should we face the reality and do something about it? Should we choose a truth that is a social gaffe or a faux sham that is pretentious? is Slumdog Millionaire voyeuristic
or is our over-the-top Bollywood blind?

Let's get real. Now, more than ever, is the time.
after all, we are what we do.

jai ho(pe)!

(Disclaimer: All names, photos et al belong to their respective owners. All rhetoric/satire/sarcasm made here has no unwilling references.)

Friday, 13 February, 2009

Pramod Mutalik and ilk vs N. Susan and ilk vs Republic of India vs Pink Chaddis vs Yellow Journalism vs Everything in Between

Far too many in India belong to two tribes: one following the shree Ram sene's Pramod Mutalik and the other following the Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women's N.Susan. Period.

what's concerning?
Either of two tribes don't represent India or its majority.
What's more concerning?
They think they do.
What even more concerning?
People and the media are making it seem like they do too.

The trouble is that the third tribe, hopefully to which the largest lot belongs to, is too tired of fighting for and against the other two tribes. That and they think its too frivolous an argument to crusade over. The continuous to and fro hustle and tussle of the other two tribes in various formats and ferments have made it even more harder for the third tribe to have its own say as they are moderates and not right/left/centre/whatever winged extremists like the Mutaliks and Susans that seem to have the self-righteous veracity to speak on behalf of entire India on their own. The third tribe being as peaceful as they are, tend to be sidelined by the extremists from both sides of the divide. so who tends to lose most in this fight of Mutalik vs N Susan? The "aam aadmi/aurat" ofcourse. who gets branded as either or by the two sides, failing to realise that all who are not Mutaliks, may not Susans either and vice versa. They can be some where in between.

so about this third tribe?
Where do they go?
for namesake, the girls who wear pink panties (not gift them away to very old men) or just panties or skirts or half pants or three quaters or jeans or full pants or salwars or saris.
And what about guys who want to make India proud, not by beating women but, by protecting them?
where do all of them go and join?
loose and naked vaginas vs woman beaters? are these the only two Indias that we Indians now have to choose between? between saffronites like VHP/RSS/MNS/SRS/Mutalik and disgruntled TEHELKA employees/hungry NEWS CHANNELS/consortiums et al?

Can an Ideal India be ruled by either Mutaliks or Susans? as both the former and the latter are self-obsessed, self-righteous and down right narcissists, who are either too loose or too tight, who dare to forget that there are more dire issues which should be taken into hands by young and old India alike, who dare to forget that between pub-goers and saffronites, there lies an India of the other 99.99 percent. They dare to forget that the common man/woman of India is not interested in religion, is not interested in rhetoric, is not interested in facebook and definitely not interested in pubs, but he/she is interested in things that both Mutalik army and Susan brigade take for granted and are too privileged to have.

as for Susan, this is where she stands #FOOD>CLOTHES>SHELTER>HEALTH>EDUCATION>COMPUTER>TV
>INTERNET>ORKUT>FACEBOOK>PUBS>Consortium of Pubgoing,Loose
and Forward Women>Susan

The pink panty girls, who are going to give their pink panties away as charity, amongst them men, most are doing the same with their chastity too. Is this a very difficult and preposterous extrapolation to make?
as for Mutalik, he has already showed his demeanour and measure in such a vexing way that not even Lord Ram himself can salvage Mutalik's Ravana Sena.

The so called Ram Sainiks, on one hand are forgetting that India is a FREE country and the land of Kamasutra. on the other hand, or the other thigh rather, the "LOOSE" women are losing memory over the fact that not every women in India is "LOOSE" yet and the "LOOSE MEN" are forgetting that some men, still, can't be PHYSICALLY loose and hence don't enjoy cross dressing or have a collection of pink panties to give away, especially to very old lungi bearing men like Mutalik whose lungi seems to be turning a lot of the cross dressers on.

Anyway, I am sure for all the progressive and FORWARD Indians, for whom FORWARD doesn't mean LOOSE (unlike the Susanites), who have IQ over 135, can forget the entire episode by taking a good hard look at the names of MUTALIK and SUSAN and then by taking your very own (or even your neighbour's) MUTT for a walk to his favourite place and let him SUSU* while you make the analogy. I insist.

(N.B: # A>B>C, where number of people concerned with A is greater than B and number of people concerned with B are greater than C, so on and so forth.
*SUSU is Indian for urine.
Disclaimer:All organisations and other names are owned by their respective owners.
IMHO: The protest is fine but the term "loose" is where it lost out and am hoping that it was sarcasm)

Thursday, 9 October, 2008

Humans to flap Wings and flutter Fins within Three decades.

On august 14,2003 most of north America had a power outage. Youth of the countinent didn't even know that the thing that came out of the plug points could stop flowing. After they realised that, most of them went on to enjoy that fact. It affected 67 million people and financial losses were estemeed to be 6.5 billion USD but most of the youth were angry about hot pizzas not being delivered to their door steps in midst of their nox carnival. The reason for the power outage was told to be over use of electricity, what ever that was. In more simple words, a continuous series of circuits fell off one by one, as electricity consumed by people was reaching 100% capacity (only place where demand equals supply doesn't please perfect economists). It was a cascading effect set off by the overdrive of electricity, most of it was used in air cooling as it was the peak of the American summer.

20% of all of the witchy power used in north America is "blowing in the wind", literally (some call it air conditioning). air conditioning is a prequisite in most homes of nations of the world, the people inhabiting which can't tolerate high temperatures, so it would be fair to say more temperature would mean more use of the magical might as air conditioning usage would rise. Air conditioning (ambience modifiers), as we know it, doesnt just come in one form. It also comes in form of room heating, so even if temperatures dropped too much people in most developed countries would use room heaters. So we heat, cool and clean air so that we get fresh and bacteria free air in our homes where we live all our lives and don't need to move out for education, work, food and life. our water heaters, water coolers, cooking gas stoves, microwave ovens, refrigerators, fans, tvs, radios, computers, faxs, telephones run with our lives. So basically we do things and then undo things and both happen when our mommies click their fingers and practice withcraft. Ask them, if you may. Manifestly so, industries require the same sorcerous force, with which our industrialised states are going to bloom and our heyday going to last till eternity to produce that Ikea cow couch we all need to enjoy tv on.

This population day on July 11 2008, the world population was around 6.6 billion (let me write you that in figures, 6,600,000,000) by 2042, it will be 9 billion and we will celebrate 10 billionth human life around 2055. How much better are we at producing babies than our once folliage wearing ancestors? well it took them around 250,000,000 years to reach 1 billion and it took us 200 to reach from 1 to 10, which means we must be great in bed no matter how much the People's magazine complains. We are good! Not just that we are 1250000 times better than our ancestors and thence we have a population day so that we can look back each year and celebrate our endeavour and enterprise to devour the planet.

So, all of us, since we are such kind and gentle peace loving creatures inscrutably abyssal recondital trenchy cryptic deep deep really deep down at the heinie bottom of our heart, will preach the motto of "sharing is caring" and practice it just like we did in the great wars of the 20th and 21st century. Even if we didn't have such bonnie bottom hearts we would still have to, because more people will mean more place to live, more place to work, more place to breathe, more place to grow food on, more place to let the food out, more place to commute, more of everything that makes us, us. But we wont have to worry as our self-sacrificing and peace loving world leaders such as george bush, who have absolutely no dialogue with lobbies of philanthropic organisations such as Exxon mobil, which has the highest net income in the world that of around 40 billion, will get tax cuts from the US government because it needs to ameliorate its pitiful fiscal condition. Its just a serendipitious coincidence that it happens to be a oil corporation and oil corporations are only raking the moolah to give it away to their pitiable and haplessly poor kids who are needful of multi jet air stream conditioning in their stretch lemo's lavatory, which most probably, euphorically guzzles a litre for every 2 miles of travel, when they are taking a private jet cruise to the amazon for a school project on the "cause of fast depleting forests". why? becasuse good air flow in lavatories creates better bowel movements in the upwardly mobile people.

Anyway, all these people that we are growing today will require food to grow so that they can grow more people who can grow more food. Since the size of earth, as we speak, is growing by 69 million sq miles every sixth sunday of the month, only to accomodate our growing demand for food. our scientists have besides found little green farmers on planet mars, we can easily trade our intellect and our collective sense of satire for their food, if we run out of ours. We will also have more food since we are using more and more farm land to produce corn in order to produce ethanol to replace gasoline, because teens like me love the addictive to the smell of petrol and collective discerning governements of the world have taken a step against people like me and they told us they wont let us do that any more and have thus began to ticker and suck less oil from the wells. subsequently the planetery authorities don't require petroleum products for food production since tractors run themselves on carbonised air and our fertilizers are made from human excreta thence we dont really have to vex over anything at all but just wait for that McDelivery to reach our home.

In addition, more people will need less cars as we all love to walk. Well for the people who don't there is always, a very good chance that in the next 7 years we might need to swim and not walk, as swimming is the best form of exercise and the global regimes have decided to fill our streets and, if required, our houses too with sea water, this is especially true if you live relatively near the ocean, seas, rivers etc which is around (70% or more of the population) and if that's not the case, don't worry other places will receive incessant rainfall and you will get to to stay afloat for the better half of the year (mumbai 2005, Bihar, orissa 2008, china 2005 and on, Bangladesh, so many more are proof of exercises that governements are conducting on us) and if you are still unlucky then most of you will either be stuck in snow slides, deserts or plains which will soon turn to deserts as the insatiable rain clouds need to feed themselves and because land heats more quickly than water hence higher temperatures will drain more water from soil than from water itself (revisit theory of sea and land breeze & latent heat of liquids and solids) you will be lucky enough to do that for the ones of us who will be swimming. Amidst this we will learn to drink sea water, not just because we will be swimming in it but also because most of our natural sweet sources of water, like glaciers and lakes will dry up. we will also try to grow fins while our brothers and sisters out in the deserts-to-be try and grow wings so that finally they can help us to fly off to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn or for that matter even their moons-Ganymede and Europa. They will do so yet again because they are gentle and peace loving inscrutably abyssal recondital trenchy cryptic deep deep really deep down at the heinie bottom of their heart. We will also have the opportunity to swim with those big white beautiful vegetarian animals called polar bears, who will have to cross the pacific to get to us, as their chuck of land called the artic would be completely gone and the same will ring true for penguins who will grow larger fins and spring up gills in just another 5 years as their domain of ice now known as the antartic, whose ice is breaking into pieces as we speak, will no longer be there for us to base our scientific camps of climate study on or to claim the natural resources out there. But who needs these scientists and writers anyway, they only say stupid things like, (i am paraphrasing) "You gotta learn swimming or flying, if you dont listen to us" or "The ice sheets act as giant mirrors to reflect heat back from the sun and when they are gone the earth would heat even faster" or "evolution is true" or "gravity works" or "This write up is sarcastic". Oh yeah, that old joke we used to crack about Greenland and how its all White, will no longer be there for our kids to gag about as they swim to their underwater school with the great whites and jelly fishes, may be some squids too, if they are lucky.

One might question why haven't i talked about our shipping fleet and cruise liners where we can base our life on in the future? Well, we could have except our ocean currents would change directions so we would perhaps need more of that magical force which would require some kind of fuel, and cheap fuel that is the party that we have been living on, will be totally all out by 2035 or 2040, and all the natural methane gas that human's produce wont be enough for them to sustain on. Just in case you didn't realise, nuclear fuel too has to be grown on paddy fields, which requires arable land or atleast land and apart from that there is always the merry worthy fact that when there is no wheat available in the market everyone will crib but still manage with rice and hence rice production will have to grow and therefore someday come to a relative peak. Since we know both rice and nuclear fusion-fission material grow on farms so we don't have to think too much about it or for our uranium farmers. As for solar energy, wind energy and different forms of hydel energy they will be developed by our little green men from mars(rememebr them?). They will do it for us as we will still be too busy swimming for oil and fishing for coal. Up until its profitable (as in 40 billion US$ profitable) let mankind along with animal kind and even the tree kind go for a hike to the kuiper belt and feel like home. Nonetheless, it would never happen since we don't have enough wizardly vitality to produce enough wizardly vitality that can sustain us anyway, but we can enjoy till it lasts and rejoice the fact that all those people who loved stormy weather and found it as a turn on will be spanking each other's butts more often now, as there is good news for you people too folks. The number of storms are both increasing in number and strength, setting all time records across the world [(tropical storms=lost count but yeah super cylone anyone?, hurricanes=biggest in modern history in "THE USA-hell yeah" in 2004/05, tornadoes=1717 (2004) highest ever (USA), typhoons=10 (also 2004) also highest ever (japan/china)]. All this harmoniously coupled with 10 hottest years in the history of known human existence being in the last 12 years with catastrophies like the heat wave of 2003 in Europe which killed 35000, the same year when in india had record high temperature in most place should be reason enough to party, but we avid little people need ever more. All of this, if you can see, evidently has no relation at all, if it were so it would mean that rise in temperature of the atmosphere would mean rise in temperature of land and of sea and the entire world, which would vaporize more water and so bring in more rain at places which are already receiving enough rain and drying up soil which is already dried up, also creating more stormy weather and stronger winds, in the process when winds feed off high temperatures of the oceans and ground to bring home more voilent weather due to the higher moisture content, which will obviously not rise because of evaporation which can't be increasing.

Species which we would like to cherish are perishing a thousand times higher than the natural rate of decline but we aren't worrying because new species of viruses, bacteria and pests are coming up to take their rightful place, which will someday help us to rise up from our reeking graves, i.e. for those of us who dont sprout wings or contact the species of the third kind from andromeda to take us with them and become immortal. But to be honest even they wouldn't last too long as all through the planet's history the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has always been below 300 ppm but now it has suddenly grown to 385 ppm in a matter of 30 years and by less than 50 years the figure will be more 700/800 ppm which means they wont get to breathe and die. Thank Bush atleast we dont have to worry about breathing anymore or even if we do we will have our air conditioners which will by then work under water and be electriproofed. weirdly enough, it also shows us how the air we clean for ourselves is actually making it worse for us to breathe in.

With this bright future in my sight for all of us, i welcome thee aliens with open arms to take me abode because my hands write but don't germinate wings and my legs have no flapping fins. Truth shall make you free, but first it shall make you angry. Here's one - There is nothing that's absolutely free and here's another - Not all debts are paid with money.

Saturday, 3 May, 2008

Transient Satiation

We love what we can't have because of the same.
We also love something more when someone else has that something and we don't, but the same particular thing becomes mundane when we have it in our grasp.
As amazing as it sounds, one could only know the fact's true value when a person realises this astonishing concept and its far reaching consequences on his/her own.

Just think about it for a moment, don't we always keep wanting and longing for the things we never had? Mostly because we never had them. The same phenomenon can explain so many things like why someone reads a borrowed book, magazine, or even a newspaper with much more vigour than when the same thing belongs to him/her, like why we love the things we steal (when and if we steal) more than the thing we have bought, like why the ice-cream or chocolate or pizza tastes even better when you are eating it from someone else, why people on television look way more desirable than when and if contacted in veridical life, why yearning for someone perfect to fall in love with is more exciting than falling in love with a real person.

The only logical explanation for this would be that since we anticipate a lot from something, we take to be perfect and thus languish for it but and when the realisation that nothing is perfect strikes us and when we actually come in terms with the reality, it becomes very hard for our ego to own upto the fact, thereby adding to the list of complaints and woes. Anticipation, perfection and reality therefore are the unholy trinity in the whole scenario and sometimes when the trinity twines or rather crashes into eachother, the love for the particular thing might take a beating for the worst, breaking the brittle rose tinted glass of expectations involved with it. The same idea can explain why we tend be in love forever with something we have never had or someone we have never known in real life. So the very act of not knowing someone for real and not having the thing you yearn for is the reason behind love for the particular object of desire therefore, to be in love forever, love something you can never have, since anything which you can't have can't let you down.

So is love of yearning more powerful than the yearning of love? Yes, when things are materialistic and thence temporary. Subsequently as most human wants are temporary, the approximation can again very well explain the reason behind a lot of human wants and desires which can inturn explain human miseries and cause for pining like people without money, want money and when they get it, they then lose peace over it and search for peace all over again, sometimes even in lieu of money. May be the whole process of wanting, striving, getting, suffering and losing, in that finical order is the ultimate lesson for all humanity. It may be so that once we truly understand the process, we understand that wanting anything we don't have is the reason behind human excruciation.We as humans live mere human lives because most of us continue to want our insatiable wishes even while on the death bed, all the while remembering to forget that we arrive on planet earth without anything and we leave it the same way, so why should we at all want anything that can't be with us eternally, since we ourselves aren't forever?

Friday, 25 January, 2008

Desi Equation of Cosmetic Modernity.

India has been the cradle of human civilisation long before humans even understood the meaning of the word.The cradle spawned n sprawled and couple of millennias later 20th century happened to the world, which some how didn't touch India.With it came industrial revolution, electricity, cars, stock markets, telephone, radio, television, quantum physics, space flight, satellites and computers. then 21st century dawned and the world got economically flattened which was true for India as well.India which remained largely untouched by the changing world of 20th century due to reasons best known to our socialist leaders, was wide open to the changes of 21st century due its robust economy and rapid globalisation, which leapfrogged India from 19th to 21st century in a matter of 15 years.internet, ipods, social networking, information exchange, online marriages, outsourcing of wives n insourcing of husbands, BPOs, tata nanoS, DJs, FDIs, 20000 high stock market index, 9 pointer gdp growth, rising buying power and most importantly the free will to spend money that came along with it completely changed India that we had known of.midtown madness of multiplexes and malls and mega malls and giga malls and hyper malls and theme malls and lifestyle malls and food malls and accessory malls and ...... malls took over and gave an outlet to splurge money on anything and everything.from designed kitchen sinks to modelled lavatory covers with a mini phone to brag about all of it to the next door neighbour whom we prefer to talk over social networking sites and webcams rather than tete-a-tete.everyone we look at is supposedly happy and in a 24X7 happy-go-lucky mood and money seems to be the answer to all of people's troubles.

But all one needs to do is dig a little deeper into proverbial "RAM sharma" and his even more proverbial live-in girlfriend "SITA kapoor" who have an unproverbial child named "DASRATH" whose last name is yet to be decided this situational cast of characters we have the father of the child "RAM" who works in a bank as an investment banker, whose office starts at morning 9 and ends at evening 6 but actually has to start out from home at morning 7 in order to reach his office an hour late due to traffic congestion and who ideally reaches home at 10 in the night.on the other hand we have our very own "SITA" a throbbing BPO worker whose work time is from evening 9 to morning 7.needless to say they don't get to see much of each other and hence they communicate via sticker notes, online web messengers, office phones.sundays, which is a holiday, goes unnoticed since both the guy and the girl need to catch up with their sleep only to be losing it over a fight on the same evening. this time they are fighting over RAM's alleged romance with his young secretary "URMILA" and SITA's office spouse "LAXMAN" who is SITA's boss and himself has a broken marriage with URMILA. amidst all this elegant 21st century Indian happy family melodrama the little baby boy "DASRATH" hollers, who seems to have lost his sleep over screechy squealing of his unmarried parents.the mother who is unable to lull down the harmless little boy losses her cool and calls up the nanny who acts as the acting paid guardian of the child in absence of DASRATH's incessantly non-existent parents.the monthly price that the nanny charges is very exuberant but the parents can afford to do so but can the child afford to lose out on his parents? they also have two cars, two two-wheelers, carry two cell phones each, have two maids for cooking and cleaning, have membership in two exclusive clubs, two circle of friends, and now that its evident, two separate lives too. having all of it and more is chic, vogue, fashionable and "IN" and of course is the modern definition of a high life and of having seen it all and done it all. our perception of modern India at least from a rookie's point of view is the point of view of millions of wannabe youth who want to be happy and redefine it too, wanting to live the truly sophisticated, new age modern life.

The modern rat race of life is almost like quicksand, which for reasons best known to fools like you and me, looks very tempting.why else would all of us plunge neck deep into it, only to figure out that the more we fight it, the deeper we are drawn towards the bottom of the quagmire.our dreams of happiness are as ephemeral as our definition of modern modernity and of fashion so hideous that it has to change its intolerable elan every week. genius are people who started all of it and more so who even after witnessing the demise of such people, fail to learn from them, only to finish with another billion people at the end of their the rush of plastic money and plastic happiness, we are fast forgetting that socio-economic hike comes with its own share of socio-economic problems, which if not tackled well, will be followed by retribution of the worst kind.welcome to an india where where cultural programs means fashion shows and where growth means every 1 in 3 Indians still earns less than a dollar a day.all of it is taking its toll on you and me and hence on India that we live in today and the one we are building for tomorrow, unless you (read I) make a difference...

Tuesday, 18 December, 2007

an ODE to LOVE. . . from FRIENDSHIP

To Love,
I waited and waited and waited again
waited patiently for MY dear friend
hoping to fall into YOU someday soon
I waited and waited and waited again

looked up all night for the falling stars
awaited life long for MY place in YOUR heart
but then I agnise that YOU belong to a chosen few
whereas I belong to everyone, including YOU

nirvana came to ME of late
when I awoke to evaluate
perplexed by the nightmare true
the only thing I still did was wait for YOU

they warned ME about the way YOU strike
I never paid heed or even put up a fight
may be I was a fool to believe in YOU
'coz I never thought YOU would hurt ME too

how could YOU do what YOU did?
doesn't it matter how I live?
I thought YOU were MY friend through and through
but then I realise YOU are friends with only YOU

I knew life's full of the mysteries YOU unfold
I knew life itself is in YOUR stronghold
but when I mused over life's discomforting fling
I realised life moves only when YOU pull its string
the strings YOU pull makes enchanting euphony most of the time
but the wrong chords YOU strike are never sublime

some take my route to find YOURS
some take yours to find MINE
almost all quander at the crossway
few learn from the journey and most get dismayed

paths may differ, run parallel or twine
but everyone takes a path, no matter whether its YOUR or MINE

so close yet so far WE stand
almost alike, withal so fanned
may be someday YOU would see ME and YOURSELF as strands
parts of the ultimate puzzle YOU are yet to understand
after all its not any puzzle I indite about
its the puzzle of puzzles which WE both can't do without

peradventure WE were never destined to enlace
may be serving OUR travellers is the only means to embrace
YOU might fear that I would want YOU to efface
but effacing LOVE is the only thing I can never ideate

and hence,
I waited and waited and waited again
waited patiently for MY dear friend
hoping to fall into YOU someday soon
I waited and waited and waited again. . .

(ps:impersonal post)

Friday, 31 August, 2007


"FOREVER"...a word so beautiful that it leaves most of us speechless and spellbound."FOREVER" is just like any other word in English language but has been exalted to a greater status and for some reason we humans have valued it a lot more maybe because it sends out a subtle signal of timelessness, a word which makes you feel that it can transcend time but it cant, much like all other words. After all words are mere words and nothing more or nothing less.

"FOREVER"has synonyms like always, constantly, eternally, everlasting, evermore, incessantly, perpetually, unremittingly and many more and sounds great adjacent to love, like, affection, rainbow, moon, stars, you, me, us, we and all those other elegant words just like "FOREVER" itself, are but mere servants of time and fortune, just like life itself is. Yeah its unfair to all of us that all those beautiful words may sound highly hypocritic all of a sudden but life is a hypocrisy in itself after all it gives away to death too. Life is funny and lamentable all in the same breath.The same breath which can be taken away without a moment's notice and hence "FOREVER"is nothing but a word beautiful enough to fool us with its meaning. Forever is a word whose price we pay for not knowing its value.

Yeah, its hard knowing someone you admire, someone you look up to, someone you believe in, someone you trust, someone you like, someone you love, someone you call a friend, someone you want to be there with you all your life won't be there because nothing and nothing at all is "FOREVER" not even the word itself.

The things and people and emotions and tears of joy and smiles of sadness and many other wonders of humane world may not be with you all your life and can desert you in the middle of nowhere but as long as they are there, be sure to enjoy them because the truth remains "FOREVER is never literally "FOREVER". "FOREVER" lives in that very moment which we think would last FOREVER. That's the best way one can put it."FOREVER" dwells in our happy mind and sips from our beautiful thoughts."FOREVER" eats us hollow and leaves us dry and enchanted from within without letting us know what pleasing impairment it has induced in us, our heart, our mind and our soul.

You and i both have to face it why not just realise it and not get hurt. Yeah its easier said than done alright but trust me we all have to face it every once in a while may be in a small or a big way, may be today or tomorrow, may be because we want it to or may be because someone else does, but eventually "FOREVER" will give away to just memories-sweet,sad n sugary memories which will cause nothing but pain and tears and the occasional smile too. When we utter or when we hear the beautiful word "FOREVER" we immediately tend to look at the world through a rose tinted glass and it looks oh so be beautiful :) doesn't it..? May be that's what makes us forget that the tinge of rose can very easily turn blood red in a moment, but guess what ? reality strikes back soon enough to laugh on your face to say "wake up,life is here".

"FOREVER" is just a dream that never meets reality."FOREVER" is just a word which invites hope, which invites passion, which invites desire, which invites love and which of course invites a unsaid unspoken promise, invoking all in a moment and getting lost in the same."FOREVER" is at best a mere lip service wrapped up in a word which is beautiful enough to be believed in but ugly enough to leave you entirely alone and as soon as you go out and reach for it, it may soon vanish right into the thin air in front of your very own eyes just like a mirage and you can do absolutely nothing about it, not even cry because you chose it for yourself. In fact we all choose "FOREVER" at some point of our life and we get let down by it and it forces us to believe that the tunnel has an end which ends in glorification of our beliefs but as soon as we fathom that the tunnel has no end we come to agnise that we are all but alone in this lost and lonely world with no one absolutely no one but ourselves to guide us through the maze called life. Why do we let it happen? Even if we know deep down its not going to be there "FOREVER". May be because we are all programmed to see the world through the proverbial rosy glasses, but there is a painful thing we forget which is that only a rose tinged glass doesn't let you see the colour of blood when it pours out until its too late to make amends.

So all i can say is just get out there and eat your favourite chocolate, lick your favourite ice cream, sip your favourite drink, play in the mud,admire the sunset,swim in the water, gaze at the stars, feel the grass beneath your naked feet, dance to your favourite tune, sing your favourite song, lie in the hammock, smile for no reason at all,look at the moon, let your hair down, take a stride on the wet sand, catch someone looking into you, listen to the heartbeats of that certain someone and grab the one you love or even just read my blog all over again ;) what ever it is that you want "FOREVER" and you think you love, enjoy it, relish it, savour it then and there because that may be that very moment is all that you have in life and may be then whisper the word "FOREVER" for one last beautiful immortal moment, only this time being fully aware of what that word actually means to you and to the person you are expressing it to..:)

Saturday, 21 July, 2007


MUSE when wished
SOOTHING when needed
AMOROUS when required
COIFFURING on a distant fire

crying all ALONE whole night
watching her DEPARTED go by her side
shining on BORROWED light
getting BATTERED to save her pride

although the STARS stay with her
and the CLOUDS always drift by
but she is still a very LONELY soul
always out there fighting DARKNESS alone everytime

spreading smiles with her RADIANCE
making LOVE with the night
still WEEPING alone all the while
as if CURSED all her life

REASON for a zillion romances
WITNESS to a zillion kisses
CAUSE for a zillion pairs
ironically LONESOME all through her life

the reason behind the RHYTHMIC tides
OVERSHADOWING darkness with its light
lifting the VEIL of the night
distanced from her MATE for the eternity that is her life

WAITING for the evening
HOLDING back for the fire to set inside
sometimes COMPLIMENTING him with her glorious sight
FADING out into the night

never complaining about her LIFE
never asking for ATTENTION
neither begging for CONTEMPLATION
the world's most beautiful REFLECTION

SELFLESS,virgin,lustrous and bright
shining brilliantly throughout TIME
INSPIRATION for myriad lives
she is my only FRIEND tonight...

Saturday, 30 June, 2007

LIFE and its LEDGE

PISMIRE of humans
in QUAGMIRE of hope
WRIER of faith
LED me to a slope

looking at the slope made me THINK
what led me here to this BRINK
the answers seem to come from beyond and WITHIN
i am to blame for my CURSE and my SIN

i guided myself to this JINX
and i am the one to SHATTER its realms
demolishing the spell was NEVER the problem
but the fear of the AFTERMATH was too difficult to handle
WALKING BACK from life was never too hard
but the LEDGE asked me questions life never asked

these questions are the REASONS for me to stay
to BROOD over issues like why am i here today
i wont GO until i find my answers
answers which QUENCH my thirst in every which way

BACKING OUT of life was never too tough
but TOUGH were the questions ASKED by the ledge
since i just had a new LEASH of life
i set out to question back at LIFE

the ledge made me question life in a whole NEW WAY
it made me PONDER about the way we SWAY
the questions it asked had its OWN answers
answers so CONVOLUTED which desired to DISARRAY

may be CONFUSION was its MEDIUM
its way to SAY
that life is here WITH YOU to stay

the more i CONTEMPLATE about life and its ways
i never fail to see how it
plays with ME
plays with YOU
even plays with SELF
to glare its HUE
the more i wonder about life and its IMBUE
i always amazingly end up LOVING LIFE IN TRUCE . . .

Monday, 11 June, 2007


with this storm raging up above
standing here all alone
wishing an ocean of down pour
dreaming to get LOST in the abyss unknown

the unknown mystifies me tonight
coz its the only place where i can HIDE
don't know from what
don't even know why

HIDE to get LOST
LOST just to HIDE
LOST in darkness
HIDDEN in light
where light and darkness cease to fight

HIDE from myself and from thee
HIDE from the people and the things we see
HIDE from the usual and the decree
HIDE from the hatred in the love
HIDE from the darkness in the light
HIDE from the lies in the truth
HIDE where winners win and losers lose
HIDE where the one who strives gets the fruit
HIDE in a place where i can get lost

wish getting LOST was so easy
as easy as feeling sad may be
but how the hell do i get LOST ?
in a place where i know all the directions already

then again getting LOST is so easy
as easy as losing yourself in the crowd may be
but how the hell do i get LOST ?
around people who are LOST already

LOST in darkness and in grief
LOST in despair and in disease
LOST in lust and in creed
LOST in winning and in greed
LOST in freedom and in speed
LOST in restriction and in weed
LOST in strife and even in peace
LOST in life without any heed...

Sunday, 13 May, 2007

the ONLY SORRY i'vl EVER be . . .

here i STAND today
FACING you upfront
SOMETHING i had to do
for something i had DONE

yes i KNOW
CRYING is not the way
and i realise this is not FUN
but WHAT can i do
life's been so UNDONE

yes i knew you were RIGHT
yes i knew i was WRONG
up all the WAY through
from the place where WE begun

YES i was wrong
so DAMN what ?
why should i ALWAYS be right ?
in this damn f#$&ed up WORLD

yeah YEAH yeah
i know what THEY say
they say am CROOKED
but NONETHELESS are they

oh yeah TRUE
thats not WHO i am
and you know this COZ
you ACTUALLY know who i am

i know am not PERFECT
you know neither is GOD
may be thats what the PROBLEM is
may be thats where we LOST

may be i was my WORST enemy
may be i was just SCARED
scared of RESENTMENT
becoming my own DESPAIR

yes i know we didnt PLAN this
then again who can plan LIFE ?
life is always a STRUGGLE
and thats why we call it a FIGHT

belief trust and LOVE
was all you ever SHOWERED
and LOOK what i gave you
being such a COWARD

wish i was STRONGER
when i TRULY needed to be
now that the TIME has past
i have finally become a MAN that is me

dont know what i MEANT to you
DONT even know what i meant to me
all i know is you meant a LOT
although that i FAILED to see

yes i was BLIND
from the beginning till the END
coz what i was truly DOING
was just following a fake TREND

this false PRETENSE i walked with
was what had DRIVEN me blind
NOW that i can see
i am trying to REALIGN

no i dont care if the WORLD's reading
read ALL that i have wrote
just be sure to READ the sorry
that is all what i HOPE

never would have been GLOOMY
never would have even TRIED
but what could i DO
you never CAESE to FLOURISH from my eye

yea i know FORGIVENESS is difficult
yea i know its so HARD
but if there is ANYONE in the world
you are the ONLY one who can try

they say EVERYTHING HAPPENS for a reason
and they say the ultimate REASON is FATE
but fate is an EXCUSE,just to VINDICATE

thay say time is the greatest HEALER
they say TIME forgives all
may be thats why you should FORGIVE me
for the sake of the time when we ENTHRALLED

knowing WHO you really are
you really wouldn't CARE
but may be you KNOWING who i really am
might help you forgive my ERR

yeah those were LOUSY excuses
which shouldn't make SENSE at all
but i couldn't find better ALIBIS
to make you COMMEND MY FAULT

Sunday, 6 May, 2007


Tell me what you see
when you close your eyes

I see the stars in the open skies
I see everywhere,in the darkness,
there are lights

Tell me what you see
When you close your eyes
Don't you feel me here in your heart tonight

I feel you
I feel me
I feel us beneath the starlit sky

Tell me what you see
When you close your eyes
Don't you sense like an angel inside

I see,as we lie beneath the stars
I realize how small we are
I see the lights of paradise
Behind the back of fireflies.

Tell me what you see
When you close your eyes
Don't you think the moon has eyes

I see the moon and I see the stars
I see us among the sparks
The stars tell a story of everything and time
They tell me that you are mine

I see so many sights unseen
I feel so many feelings unfelt
Is it you or is it me ?
or is it just us beneath the starry sea...

Tuesday, 10 April, 2007


There she comes again
back to canoodle me
fondling me all over
judging me hazy

There she comes again
back into my mind
unfurling her wings
driving me blind

There she comes again
back into my soul
inflicting pain and pleasure
wheedling me to cajole

There she comes again
back into my spirit
dispelling my life
trancing me to forfeit

There she comes again
back into my heart
hurting like a splinter
tearing me apart

There she comes again
back into my arms
snuggling me around
wooing me to disarm

There she comes again
back into my skin
yearning my vice
seducing me to spin

There she comes again
back into my ear
twisting and swirling around
inducing me to endear

There she comes again
back into the smell
aromating her scent
impelling me like a spell

There she comes again
back into my lips
redeeming my temptation
sensing my eclipse

There she comes again
back into my eye
flourishing and fading
without bidding me goodbye . . .

Sunday, 8 April, 2007


how will this WILL ever SUBDUE
how will this DESIRE ever DIE
how will this TRUTH ever LIE
how will my SPIRIT ever COMPLY

what if the DESTINATION is afar
what if the JOURNEY is tough
what if the ROUTE's full of thorns
what if the HORIZON is hazy
what if the NIGHT overshadows the sun
what if my HEART wants to reckon...

...coz' every destination has ANSWERS
coz' every journey has LESSONS
coz' every route has BARRIERS
coz' every horizon is a BEGINNING
coz' every star BURNS
coz' every night GIVES AWAY
coz' every heart can FRAY

never let your belief ASTRAY.

Thursday, 29 March, 2007

"WOEmen" of devELOPING iNDIA

A widow should be long suffering until death,self-restarined and chaste.
a virtuous wife who remains chaste when her husband has died goes to heaven.
a woman who is unfaithful to her (DEAD)husband is reborn in the womb of a jackal.
The Laws of Manu.
Chapter 5 Verse 156-161
("SACRED" Hindu Texts)

According to dharamshastras there are three ways for a widow either sati,life of penance or remarriage with the younger brother of her husband.

There are over 34 million widows in India according to the 2001 cencus.many continue to live in the conditions of social,economic and cultural deprivation as prescribed 2000 years ago by the sacred texts of manu.

Film:Water(oscar nominated for best foreign film 2007)
Director:Deepa Mehta
Country:Canada(filmed in Sri Lanka)based in India on the banks of river Ganges.
Words defining the movie:Haunting Truth
Scandals involved:Shoot in Varanasi was stopped due to threats and demonstrations orchestrated by Hindu fundamentalist groups supported by the leadership of the state government in Uttar Pradesh due to which it had to shift location to Sri Lanka.
Principal Characters:
Chuhiya:a 7-8 yr old lil girl who is a widow.
Kalyani:a 19-20 yr old graceful girl who falls in love with narayana.
Narayana:a follower of Gandhi who is 30 yrs old or so and is in favour of widow reforms.
Madhumati:a lady who lives in the widow house and is in two minds whether to follow the so called sacred texts or to follow her heart.

Chuhiya's Father: [to young Chuhiya] Child. Do you remember getting married? Your husband is dead. You're a widow now.
Chuhiya:up until when baba ?

Chuhiya:(after visiting the widow house where she is left by her parents)baba where is maa ? I wont stay here baba i wont i wont i wont *cries out loud*

(Another widow while taking water from a river) a priest says "stay clear of me...let not your wicked shadow fall on me"

(In a temple where all widows hav to beg for money as they are not allowed to earn their own money)
chuhiya:why all this ? go drown yourself! (btw all the money was deposited in ashram's account)

A procurer comes along in the night and takes a young beautiful widow to a rich merchant where she serves as a cyprian(read whore)

In a particular event A very old aged widow dies after which the other widows have to look after her dead body for her last rites but they have no money to do that(coz they arent allowed to work they can only amass money by begging which by the way moves to temple what was the way out one might ask...i too am left asking the same)

Narayana:kalyani devi,when did you become a widow ?
Kalyani:I dont remember may be 9 yrs old
Narayana:how was he ?
Kalyani:I dont know,I never met him.

Madhumati:even thinking about reamarriage is a crime!
Chuhiya:why ?
Madhumati:Ask God!
(Chuhiya:where is he ?
Madhumati:how do I know ?
Chuhiya:then who does ?
Madhumati:God knows everything
Chuhiya:how and again where is he ?)

Narayan's dad:narayan listen a brahmin can sleep with any woman because the woman is always benificiary irrespective of who she is.
narayan:lord Ram once said to Bharat said never respect any brahmin who use vedas for their profit.

Madhumati:there must be a reason behind us coming here (widow house)
Narayan:a mouth less to feed,4 sarees,a bed,a corner of your house is free, no other reason,this too is a business in the shadow of religion.

Chuhiya a small girl of age 8 now is sent to a rich merchant who uses her as a tart.(just a fancy word for whore coz I as a human being feel deeply ashamed and immoral to use the word in context to a 8 yr old girl (for that matter any girl of any age) with all due respect to all the hindu shastras and the sacred brahmins and thier laws the sacred thread which gives them the right to... and everyother person who is supposedly sacred by birth and not by DEEDS)

A few days ago I was asked to speak about a topic in a sort of elocution competition the topic was "SHOULD WOMEN WORK IN NIGHT ?"I as a part of young DEVELOPING INDIA with a GDP of 9.3 and growing said "if today we ask ourselves that whether women should work in night then I guess we have no rights to dream of a developed India...what purpose does it serve anyway ? isnt it a shame that we are even asking these kind of questions when we CRY OUT LOUD about WOMEN EMPOWERMENT WOMEN RIGHTS WOMEN BILL WOMEN RESERVATION ? the question arises that why arent more women working in night shifts ? because the law and order situation in India needs improvement"and I said a lot more about SO CALLED women empowerment but what followed this was actually very saddening,then I thought why not ask the girls what do they think.I thought most of them thought the same way I did but then what I didnt realise was how deeply rooted this evil and profoundness of shadow of self doubt was.most of the girls who are currently pursuing bachelor's degree answered me negatively and said may be women should not work at night because of several reasons.after which i asked them would you consider your educated decision provided the law and order situation in the cities and towns of India becomes better ? there was a silence which made me substantiate the fact that women empowerment should start with women themselves and empowerment begins in the mind and soul until the minds are ignited with flame of knowledge andwisdom with urge to fly high no change will ever occur in India or the women brooding in it.

(I with all my heart and mind and body and soul want this India to change.hope some if not all of you girls will someday rise form the ashes of so called pseudo culture and customs and realise your potential and set yourself free and fly.......Best of Luck...and yeah kick some fundaMENTALists of which ever religion you want,afterall all of them have prejudices against womenhood)

I live for CHANGE so should THE CHANGE for a CHANGE !

Friday, 23 March, 2007

yeh PYAR kya hota hai ...

jahaan haar mein jeet hai,
aur jeet mein haar hai,
yehi toh pyar hai ,
bas yehi toh pyar hai.

pyar mein acha aur bura nahi hota,
pyar mein saahey aur galat nahi hota,
joo hota hai bas pyar hota hai,
aur pyar ke siwaai kuch nahi hota.

adhurey rishton sey kissi ko kabhi pyar nahi milta,
jhooth keyy sahare mein pyar kabhi kisiko nahi milta,
jo miltey adhurey rishton mein pyar ke mithass,
toh duniya mein pyar ke siwaai aur kuch nahi milta.

jab dard mein khushi hoo,
aur khushi mein aasooon,
inn aasoon key khushi mein joh pyar panapta hai,
iss pyar ko dard kaun pahuchaye,
jab iss pyar ka janam heyy dard mein hota hai.

pyar ko log aaj kitna nufrat kartey hain,
itna nafrat kartey hai key nafrat ko heey pyar kartey hain,
agar isshey tarah haar nafrat mein chupa hoo pyar,
toh log nafrat seyy kyun...pyar seyy kyun pyar nahi kartey hain?

kuch loog pyar sey darr teyy theey,
kuch loog pyar mein dartey hain,
yeh kaisa pyar jiskey darr mein jeetey hoo,
yeh kaisa pyar jisme darr key jeetey hoo,
kyunki pyar toh harr darr ka jawaab hota hai,
kyunki sirf pyar heyy toh harr darr seyy paare hota hai.

logg pyar mein matlaab dhundtey hain,
magar pyar toh bematlaab hota hai,
(kyunki)agar hota hai pyar mein matlab koi,
toh woh pyar nahi dhoka hota hai.

pyar toh harr rog ka illaz hota hai,
magar pyar sey bada kya rog hota hai ?
yeh kaisa rog hai jiska illaz heey nahi hota hai,
magar ek aisa rog jo harr rog ka illaz hota hai.

aur kitna likhun pyar ke baarein mein
raat ke saadey teen bajney koo aaye

jo likhunga toh log murakh kahengey
waise bhi main murakh kahaan
mujhse murakh toh woh jo pyar key naam iss kavita ko padhengey
kyunki agar log padh keyy kavita pyar samajh jaatey
toh main kyun leekhta
joo main leekhkey naa samajhpaya
woh tum padhkey kya samajhlogey...

(my first hinglish poem :) )

Sunday, 4 March, 2007

HOLI - the festival of COLOUR DISSOLUTION!

HOLI....when colours dont matter (literally)
A hindu festival whose roots go back well (no one exactly knows how many years) but how can this ancient festival serve as an eternal moral lesson for eons to come ? lets see.....and realise!
(divided in 4 parts i.e.reason behind HOLI,COLOURED BIAS-a world view,INDIA and its BELYING situation and the HOLI(Y) solution-transcending the festical.for those who are impatient ones can jump to the last epilogue HOLI SOLUTION TRANSCENDING THE FESTIVAL! spoiler warning-reading the epilogue first might spoil the fun of the article!for serious bloggers plz slog through the entire blog! no excuses for you people! ;p)

beautiful REASONS behind celebrating HOLI
(history 1)
As the story goes its the hiranyakashipu(king of demons)'s son PRAHLAD was a devotee of vishu,which obviously his father didnt like and thus tried to kill him after
several failed attempts he ordered prahlad to sit on a pyre on the lap of his sister HOLIka(who was also demonic) who by the virtue of a special shawl would not get burnt by the prahlad went into the pyre n started praying lord vishu and magically the shawl flew off HOLIka and moved on prahlad due to which HOLIka was burnt to death but prahlad survived unharmed.te burning of HOLIka is celebrated as holi.

(history 2)
During lord krishna's life time he popularised the festival by playing pranks on the gopis.lord krishna ONCE COMPLAINED TO HER MOTHER YASODHA ABOUT THE CONTRAST BETWEEN HIS DARK COLOUR AND HIS BELOVED RADHA'S FAIRNESS.krishna's mother yasodha DECIDED TO APPLY COLOUR TO RADHA'S FACE AND DISSOLVE THE BIAS atleast momentarily .the celebration commence usually star in spring and lasts for 16 days until rangpanchami in remembrance of the divine and eternal love of radha-krishna.

(history 3)
kamadeva the god of love was destroyed by shiva as he tried to distrupt him during his penance to help parvati marry shiva.shiva opened his third eye and the gaze made kamdev's body turn into ashes.but for kamdev's wife rati (passion) sake,shiva restored him but only as a mental image, REPRESENTING THE TRUE EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL STAGE OF LOVE RATHER THAN JUST MERE PHYSICAL LOVE and holi bonfire is believed to be celebrated in commeoration of this event in history.

COLOURED BIAS-a world view
WHITE and BLACK and today even BROWN is what we people fight over....what are these ? yes skin colours...very remorseful and regretting when we think of it naa ?
since we know of history,racial segregation has been a truth which haunts us everytime in almost every era,almost in every continent.the human race is scarred with such heinous malady none more dismaying then colour and racial bias.
the europeans (including the americans as they are originally mostly europeans) who are the front runner in being racially inclined were history's first people to be prejudiced by the moors who thought europeans were incapable of abstract thinking.the europeans then prejudiced all other coloured races as inferior to theirs.some biased racial scientist even compairing africans to HALF APES !
the British Empire imported labourers to the British colonies in Africa and the Carribean. These Indian labourers were free, had more rights and had better societal functions and status than the darker-skinned Africans (who were mostly slaves), but less than the lighter-skinned European colonizers.PIGMENTOCRACY was a reality back then and is still a reality now although we might like to turn a blind eye to it and think or make belief that we are truly civilised!

There are so many biased and baseless thoeries and arguments that the real truth dwindles in between.
"Melanin Theory" is that the levels of melanin in dark skin naturally enhance intelligence and emotional, psychic and spiritual sensitivity and physical prowess.
"White Supremacy Theory" is that all whites are more cognitive than thier coloured counter parts.
some of them even have sub theories and thus end up fighting within thier own skin colour too eg nordicism,pan europeanism,pan aryanism etc etc.
even some are laugh worthy like the theories which involve hair colour that preach blondes are dumb,redheads are fiery,brunettes are evil.

INDIA and its BELYING situation
The world has been marked with such erros through history and we dont have to look to far for examples after all NOT TOO FAR AWAY FROM OUR HOME
INDIA itself is in such a sorry state itself.
for a country which is madly in love with fair and lovely and provision for the largest market for fairness driven products from shehnaz hussain to garnier(which doesnt produce fairness cream anywhere else in the world) .(some of which are proven to be carcenogenic!!!fair n lovely itself!!!)
for a country whose film industry only has white actors prevalently successful!!!
for a country that mourns at the birth of a daughter (imagine the plight of a dark skinned daughter)!!!
for a country whose FATHER OF THE NATION was kicked out of a compartment train in south africa on racial person who fought all his life for equality and freedom.60 years on India has moved very little in terms of racial/cultural/lingual/societal/regional/coloured/religious/economic bias !!!!
its shameful for each of us that we still are so damn narrow minded that we fail to unprejudice about people form their skin colour!
India with its heritage and history can easily serve as a teacher in the respect of coloured bias only if it learns from its own mistakes and realizes them and make amends fast.( please mr.ARJUN SINGH spare us from your quota here ok !!! will you ?.QUOTA is not the way for this or to supress any other kind of bias!its just short sightedness or lets just say vote bank politics) a country where people are more tolerant to coloured people then other races perhaps as we have seen and dealt coloured people all our lives in one way or the other some of which are even our own relatives so it becomes easier for us to judge the truth behind coloured biases!so we must serve the world which we can only do if we solve our own problems or coloured bias in the Indian society!

(have a happy n safe holi.use herbal colours but definitely use water ballons lolZzz..I am gonna be 19 soon but i still love them hehe!!)