Saturday, 21 July, 2007


MUSE when wished
SOOTHING when needed
AMOROUS when required
COIFFURING on a distant fire

crying all ALONE whole night
watching her DEPARTED go by her side
shining on BORROWED light
getting BATTERED to save her pride

although the STARS stay with her
and the CLOUDS always drift by
but she is still a very LONELY soul
always out there fighting DARKNESS alone everytime

spreading smiles with her RADIANCE
making LOVE with the night
still WEEPING alone all the while
as if CURSED all her life

REASON for a zillion romances
WITNESS to a zillion kisses
CAUSE for a zillion pairs
ironically LONESOME all through her life

the reason behind the RHYTHMIC tides
OVERSHADOWING darkness with its light
lifting the VEIL of the night
distanced from her MATE for the eternity that is her life

WAITING for the evening
HOLDING back for the fire to set inside
sometimes COMPLIMENTING him with her glorious sight
FADING out into the night

never complaining about her LIFE
never asking for ATTENTION
neither begging for CONTEMPLATION
the world's most beautiful REFLECTION

SELFLESS,virgin,lustrous and bright
shining brilliantly throughout TIME
INSPIRATION for myriad lives
she is my only FRIEND tonight...


Tejal said...

:) awww..i jus hope this gurl is real!
nice descrptn :)


strike one :P

Shalinee..On MetaMinD Karma said...

i HATE ur poems...yet..damn me!! ok...:)[:(]..

@tejal: u hope??!! cud i shake u up a bit??...this is a nightmare sculptured into the the worst poetric reality!!...wht cud b worse...dat d girl is real??!!

@aayush: so goin by d rule of transcendence :P....

*she??!! why she?? :x do u knw hw devastatin d whole idea of 'she' is??cant anyone just get out ou d 'she'!!....but ..i knw its is alwayz a she!..why?why?..:(

*d first stanza is awesome..the gist of things :)

*hw can she compliment him with her sight?? or r i talkin of her past?..:~

*wht preceedes this 'having the world's most beautiful REFLECTION'.....she or i or just d whole poem ??

*'REASON ..romances
WITNESS ..kisses
CAUSE ...pairs
ironically LONESOME ...'...:)..cudnt have been more down-to-earth..:)

*have u thot of 'she' beyond she?? any metaphor here...askin this coz of d last line: 'she is my only FRIEND tonight...' ur friend?? it as it appears: 'she and friend'???

* 'coiffering'??..french fusion or sumthin???..


its amazing aayush!!
hope u r talking about the MOON only!!!!
n yes i too m confused about that "COIFFERING"!!
keep up the good work....remember..that u have to win!!:)
please do help me with 'coiffering':P

Tejal said...

@Shalinee- ha! did u or dint u note the sarcasm in the word 'real'?? everytym he does this..writes bout other stuff n refers to as 'she' :P
that was total sarcasm :)

Tejal said...

ohhh n btw, was that HATE (??!!) dat i jus saw?? HATE?? is ther some pun wich i missed sweety? HATE? u definitely cant HATE 'em. How can u hate them wen u come back evry tym to read them? :)
if i may say so,these 'hateful' poems make u THINK. n dats wat poetry writin is all about :) U can interpret it in anyway u like. Why ask clarifications from the poet himself?

Shalinee..On MetaMinD Karma said...

sorry aayush for abusin this place...

@tejal: oh dat was out of sarcasm [:P]...hehee...hey HATE coz d r too real...too much a fact rather than a figment of imagination i heard poetry doesnt run widout patronage..and lately d poet was worried abt ppl nt understandin his d essay [:D]

askin was my business...its upto d poet to answer and it doesnt luk like my askin d questions was nt tryin next time....sure! [:P]


my answer to all:THE MOON.
[which implies thr is NO girl here...its all in the reader's mind...we believe wat we want to believe:)]
now read the poem wid tht in mind :)
n coiffuring means attracting/arranging.
its a metaphorical the one..."there SHE comes again" where i talked abt THE WIND and here i hav denoted "SHE" to THE MOON...n not to any MERE girl.
thr is more to me than meets the eye...thr always vl b...;)
n tejal....awwww tht was so vry cute!!!mujhe pata na thaa...hehe

Shalinee..On MetaMinD Karma said...


..dats why my first question was WHY SHE???...dats why i said it sounds so devastatin!!...u cud hav choose nt to mislead..and yes u cud..;)
n i suppose coiffurin was obvious..its coifferin dat all were askin abt

nirvan nanda said...

these moments are shows path to elysian fields ...
capture them while they last..


a writer writes coz he wants to write wat evr he wishes to write on n its totally upto him to write his write ups in his way...not for the reader to decide :P....if the reader is gettin confused...then it may jus b a coincidence...which mayb a result of the writer's elan. as OBVIOUS/UNOBVIOUS as coiffering...
if one knew COIFFURING n he/she wud hav suggested to undo the mistake n replace the E wid U...rather than ask for wat it means ;).....we all hav internet n dictionaries at our place...dont we ? :)

abt elysian wont b elysian once i get thr ;) better warn the gods of the greek underworld :P

Shalinee..On MetaMinD Karma said...


m sorry if i offended any one here....but may make it clear dat i m nt askin d poet to change his ways of writin at all!!!
rather, if i havent made it clear already, i think this is poetry at its best and m sure there wiil ages to come before any poem can pose such challenges to a reader...nd no one here is deciding wht has to done........just as u r free to put things ur way so is any1 else(..isnt it?), its afterall an opinion nt a judgement(u r way beyond dat :)..)
nd when it was stated 'french fusion' its just like tellin u d word is in french and nt in english...(guess i hav to stop xpectin ppl to read-between-d-lines thingy :~)
or u cud just make it clear 'dont ask me to xplain'..if u find it so excrutiatinly painful!!


n peace prevailed at last...:P

................your's entirely said...

wat a blog!!mind blowing....very creative....keep it up buddy

Dazzy said...

imagination or 4 real...but d creation is awe-inspiring as well as heartbreaking...

Tannishtha said...

she indeed was ur 'friend tonight' ...selfless n inspiring..
wats new is u did not invoke ur muse, u wrenched ur energies out of her ...n u seem 2 b aware of dis since u attach so much of pathos 2 the portrayal of ur muse n triumph in ur possession of her .. she inspires coz u allowed her to inspire not coz u prayed for inspiration..
Ur moon is sure a power figure n in her radiance u seek a greater power for yourself..a very masculine poem from the psychological point of view.. very masculine despite itz soft feminine the way u write.. :)