Saturday, 30 June, 2007

LIFE and its LEDGE

PISMIRE of humans
in QUAGMIRE of hope
WRIER of faith
LED me to a slope

looking at the slope made me THINK
what led me here to this BRINK
the answers seem to come from beyond and WITHIN
i am to blame for my CURSE and my SIN

i guided myself to this JINX
and i am the one to SHATTER its realms
demolishing the spell was NEVER the problem
but the fear of the AFTERMATH was too difficult to handle
WALKING BACK from life was never too hard
but the LEDGE asked me questions life never asked

these questions are the REASONS for me to stay
to BROOD over issues like why am i here today
i wont GO until i find my answers
answers which QUENCH my thirst in every which way

BACKING OUT of life was never too tough
but TOUGH were the questions ASKED by the ledge
since i just had a new LEASH of life
i set out to question back at LIFE

the ledge made me question life in a whole NEW WAY
it made me PONDER about the way we SWAY
the questions it asked had its OWN answers
answers so CONVOLUTED which desired to DISARRAY

may be CONFUSION was its MEDIUM
its way to SAY
that life is here WITH YOU to stay

the more i CONTEMPLATE about life and its ways
i never fail to see how it
plays with ME
plays with YOU
even plays with SELF
to glare its HUE
the more i wonder about life and its IMBUE
i always amazingly end up LOVING LIFE IN TRUCE . . .

Monday, 11 June, 2007


with this storm raging up above
standing here all alone
wishing an ocean of down pour
dreaming to get LOST in the abyss unknown

the unknown mystifies me tonight
coz its the only place where i can HIDE
don't know from what
don't even know why

HIDE to get LOST
LOST just to HIDE
LOST in darkness
HIDDEN in light
where light and darkness cease to fight

HIDE from myself and from thee
HIDE from the people and the things we see
HIDE from the usual and the decree
HIDE from the hatred in the love
HIDE from the darkness in the light
HIDE from the lies in the truth
HIDE where winners win and losers lose
HIDE where the one who strives gets the fruit
HIDE in a place where i can get lost

wish getting LOST was so easy
as easy as feeling sad may be
but how the hell do i get LOST ?
in a place where i know all the directions already

then again getting LOST is so easy
as easy as losing yourself in the crowd may be
but how the hell do i get LOST ?
around people who are LOST already

LOST in darkness and in grief
LOST in despair and in disease
LOST in lust and in creed
LOST in winning and in greed
LOST in freedom and in speed
LOST in restriction and in weed
LOST in strife and even in peace
LOST in life without any heed...