Friday, 31 August, 2007


"FOREVER"...a word so beautiful that it leaves most of us speechless and spellbound."FOREVER" is just like any other word in English language but has been exalted to a greater status and for some reason we humans have valued it a lot more maybe because it sends out a subtle signal of timelessness, a word which makes you feel that it can transcend time but it cant, much like all other words. After all words are mere words and nothing more or nothing less.

"FOREVER"has synonyms like always, constantly, eternally, everlasting, evermore, incessantly, perpetually, unremittingly and many more and sounds great adjacent to love, like, affection, rainbow, moon, stars, you, me, us, we and all those other elegant words just like "FOREVER" itself, are but mere servants of time and fortune, just like life itself is. Yeah its unfair to all of us that all those beautiful words may sound highly hypocritic all of a sudden but life is a hypocrisy in itself after all it gives away to death too. Life is funny and lamentable all in the same breath.The same breath which can be taken away without a moment's notice and hence "FOREVER"is nothing but a word beautiful enough to fool us with its meaning. Forever is a word whose price we pay for not knowing its value.

Yeah, its hard knowing someone you admire, someone you look up to, someone you believe in, someone you trust, someone you like, someone you love, someone you call a friend, someone you want to be there with you all your life won't be there because nothing and nothing at all is "FOREVER" not even the word itself.

The things and people and emotions and tears of joy and smiles of sadness and many other wonders of humane world may not be with you all your life and can desert you in the middle of nowhere but as long as they are there, be sure to enjoy them because the truth remains "FOREVER is never literally "FOREVER". "FOREVER" lives in that very moment which we think would last FOREVER. That's the best way one can put it."FOREVER" dwells in our happy mind and sips from our beautiful thoughts."FOREVER" eats us hollow and leaves us dry and enchanted from within without letting us know what pleasing impairment it has induced in us, our heart, our mind and our soul.

You and i both have to face it why not just realise it and not get hurt. Yeah its easier said than done alright but trust me we all have to face it every once in a while may be in a small or a big way, may be today or tomorrow, may be because we want it to or may be because someone else does, but eventually "FOREVER" will give away to just memories-sweet,sad n sugary memories which will cause nothing but pain and tears and the occasional smile too. When we utter or when we hear the beautiful word "FOREVER" we immediately tend to look at the world through a rose tinted glass and it looks oh so be beautiful :) doesn't it..? May be that's what makes us forget that the tinge of rose can very easily turn blood red in a moment, but guess what ? reality strikes back soon enough to laugh on your face to say "wake up,life is here".

"FOREVER" is just a dream that never meets reality."FOREVER" is just a word which invites hope, which invites passion, which invites desire, which invites love and which of course invites a unsaid unspoken promise, invoking all in a moment and getting lost in the same."FOREVER" is at best a mere lip service wrapped up in a word which is beautiful enough to be believed in but ugly enough to leave you entirely alone and as soon as you go out and reach for it, it may soon vanish right into the thin air in front of your very own eyes just like a mirage and you can do absolutely nothing about it, not even cry because you chose it for yourself. In fact we all choose "FOREVER" at some point of our life and we get let down by it and it forces us to believe that the tunnel has an end which ends in glorification of our beliefs but as soon as we fathom that the tunnel has no end we come to agnise that we are all but alone in this lost and lonely world with no one absolutely no one but ourselves to guide us through the maze called life. Why do we let it happen? Even if we know deep down its not going to be there "FOREVER". May be because we are all programmed to see the world through the proverbial rosy glasses, but there is a painful thing we forget which is that only a rose tinged glass doesn't let you see the colour of blood when it pours out until its too late to make amends.

So all i can say is just get out there and eat your favourite chocolate, lick your favourite ice cream, sip your favourite drink, play in the mud,admire the sunset,swim in the water, gaze at the stars, feel the grass beneath your naked feet, dance to your favourite tune, sing your favourite song, lie in the hammock, smile for no reason at all,look at the moon, let your hair down, take a stride on the wet sand, catch someone looking into you, listen to the heartbeats of that certain someone and grab the one you love or even just read my blog all over again ;) what ever it is that you want "FOREVER" and you think you love, enjoy it, relish it, savour it then and there because that may be that very moment is all that you have in life and may be then whisper the word "FOREVER" for one last beautiful immortal moment, only this time being fully aware of what that word actually means to you and to the person you are expressing it to..:)