Saturday, 21 July, 2007


MUSE when wished
SOOTHING when needed
AMOROUS when required
COIFFURING on a distant fire

crying all ALONE whole night
watching her DEPARTED go by her side
shining on BORROWED light
getting BATTERED to save her pride

although the STARS stay with her
and the CLOUDS always drift by
but she is still a very LONELY soul
always out there fighting DARKNESS alone everytime

spreading smiles with her RADIANCE
making LOVE with the night
still WEEPING alone all the while
as if CURSED all her life

REASON for a zillion romances
WITNESS to a zillion kisses
CAUSE for a zillion pairs
ironically LONESOME all through her life

the reason behind the RHYTHMIC tides
OVERSHADOWING darkness with its light
lifting the VEIL of the night
distanced from her MATE for the eternity that is her life

WAITING for the evening
HOLDING back for the fire to set inside
sometimes COMPLIMENTING him with her glorious sight
FADING out into the night

never complaining about her LIFE
never asking for ATTENTION
neither begging for CONTEMPLATION
the world's most beautiful REFLECTION

SELFLESS,virgin,lustrous and bright
shining brilliantly throughout TIME
INSPIRATION for myriad lives
she is my only FRIEND tonight...