Monday, 21 December, 2009

Life is all about playing, if you Love the Game.

Many things have happened in my life for the good and for the bad. One of the good things that has happened to me is that i have some how connected to a very large amount of people through out the world for reasons which should best remain unexplained. Thankfully a lot of them have been very erudite in ways they would not want to admit.

In the entire journey till now, which has been very short in terms of years and very long in terms of learning, i have come across people from many walks of life who were both happy and sad about what they were doing at the moment of time when i met them. I tend to ask about what people do and why they chose to do it a lot, those things fascinate me. Sometimes this annoys people especially the kind of people who didn't know why they were doing what they were doing. So i honed my skills and asked people questions more subtly using various innuendos. After talking to a lot of people about their lives in terms of their occupation i realised rather confirmed my doubts that people who did what they loved, loved their job and had mostly no issues with the money they made as well since they naturally excelled at what they loved so remunerations were never a problem. On the other hand guys who just worked not because they loved the job itself but because of other things which the job offered almost always had issues with their lives.

When we look at people we admire in life, remember that we hardly admire people just because they have money, and even when we do that, we fail to realise that making money was not the motive with which the
people on the Forbes and Fortune rich list started out their education plan with. They started out by learning about what they loved and they did what they liked and that's why they are who they are because they are what they do.

I always say my friends a line which usually goes something like this: "In a country whose gdp has a compounded growth rate of approximately 8% per Annum, money making would be the least of the worries for a sensible well educated young man, rather it will be things he least thought would give him problems, things like "what am i doing, why am i doing it, what am i going to leave behind and what exactly is the goal of my life"". Now all this is not new one might say since this can be called as a midlife crisis, well, the only problem is mid-life crisis as the name suggest should hit you at the time of midlife 45-50 and not at the age of 30, why 30? Going by current track record, almost everything we want materialistically would be available to most of us who are reading this blog by the time we turn around 30 and not 45-50 or even more for our parents and theirs. What then? that's the question we need to answer, may be we should begin the whats, whys, hows and whens right about now? Or should have started even sooner? I have been fortunate enough to have answered my own queries long ago, i hope you were too, if you haven't already then remember that its never to late to start. So remember to ask the basic the Whys, Whats, Hows and Whens before you embark upon any worthwhile vocational journey.

A very easy thing to preach and a very difficult thing to practice in the long run is understanding the fact that things that make us happy are not what we want but rather things that we need. We, as naive naivetes, don't understand that subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle difference at an early age and hence fall prey to a vicious cycle from which its very hard to come out of. Most of us never come of out it. Some of us do and live to tell the story.

Why we almost all of us at some point of time fall into this trap is material for another write-up, most probably the next one. i will give you one not-so-subtle clue though : The Education System.