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Throught al my life all that i have read,all that i have seen and all tht i hav heard,thr is one thing thts pretty clear no matter wat happens but both INDIA n PAKISTAN hav suffered loss in the partition.now most of my frnds here plz try n understand tht its not wat we see its more important how we see it.we ppl in our country throughly believe tht watevr pakistan did was wrong then well think over it (yes i also believe it was rong but its tym we thot differently) if we were a minority wudnt we get scared if such large scale slaughtering took place ? (a shining well not exactly shining but rather shameful example is the godhra case due to which lots n lots of muslims today feel insecure) remember ppl Equality comes with "INTEGRATION" not "SEGREGATION".the problem lies wid the ppl thinking and painting ppl full white or black on both sides of the border(as in good and bad) learn to see faults of your own n then only u can move forward learn to see things in grey n not jus white n black (wat i m trying to say is JINNAH is a bad person on this side of the border while on the other he is GOD n NEHRU n (sumwat GANDHIJI) is a God in this side of the border n a Dog on the otherside)evry1 has good n bad qualities learn to notice them n mayb then luv vl seep in thru u n hatred vl vommit out.

here r sum really interesting facts abt INDIA n PAKISTAN n abt our GR8 leaders.
1)in August 1947 the most populous community in the sikh city of amritsar was of muslims !
2)in August 2005 in the islamic state of pakistan,there are at least two districts in sindh which hav a hindu majority !
3)why did the buddhist dominated chittagong hill tracts go to pakistanwhen its ppl wanted to join INDIA ? the INDIANS believe tht mountbatten did this to please Pakistan,but no evidence exists to prove this.
4)why did the district of gurdaspur,which had a slight majority of muslims go to INDIA ? the PAKISTANIS believe tht mountbatten did this to please INDIA,but no evidence exists to prove this.
5)why did sir cyril radcliff,who drew the lines dividing INDIA n PAKISTAN burn all his papers before departing?because in those charred remains lay to the two questions above.
6)why did jinnah ask India's first high commissioner in Pakistan to request Nehru to look after his house in malabar hill? did he want to settle thr after retiring as pakistan;s first governor-general?
7)in the last months of his life'having worked for communal harmony in calcutta and delhi,Gandhi frequently expressed the desire to go to the riot-torn areas of west pakistan and sindh, had he not been assassinated, would he have gone to live in pakistan?
and this,imagine while jinnah lived in bombay ? ? ?

lots of such secrets remain untold why well we can safely assume personal benifits.but shud we turn blind to all these facts ? we r running 60 yrs into independence and we still hate pakistan for things wat they hav done n for things that they havnt its lik an old folks tale the samething on the other side of the border.we as the educated mass on INDIA (and PAKISTAN if ne1 is listening out thr or this mail gets forwarded sumhow) shud move forward towards peace n well far flethced thot of (UNIFICATION ultimately not totally impossible if u knw the real situation as most ppl in PAKISTAN and POLITICAL PARTIES were against partition and still see it as an unnecceasry evil rather than a neccessary one.dont believe me ask ne1 who is informed abt pakistan's political scenario thier largest democratic secular party PPP is for UNIFICATION well i hope the SANGH PARIVAR N BJP is listening (no m not a fan of the fake NEHRUVIAN DYNASTY either nor a pro congress . . . man political system sucks in both the countries one is taken over by a dictator n other is ruled by caste politics n minorityism . . . )
today's lesson "hero of one sect is Villian of another"
for more check this picture essay of the bloody partition.
compiled and written byKAMONASISH AAYUSH MAZUMDAR

LOVE is just a word or IS IT ?

LOVE after all is just a word
a word which has no real meaning but just concepts n ideologies.
a word which is full of feelings and emotions, full of smile and tears and every other curve of face in between, in some cases both smiles and tears at the same time...(i am yet to see a more beautiful human face than that of a state of such happiness that they shed tears)
a word which is the only hope in today's war n power world....the only word which looks forward to everyday life in one way or another......from the love of a mother to the love of a spouse whats really splendid is we cant really differentiate in between any form of it.....after all love is just a word.

LOVE after all is just a word a word which has so many definations is so many ways in so many emotions in so many verbal n non verbal ways in so many ways of
expressions in all its valour n courage fighting through fake attitude...pseudo attraction...unreal world of real people....still peeping through where ever it can...through glancing of our eyes, through the wriggling of fingers, running fingers through the hair to caressing your neck even the humble smile to the not so humble biting of lips, the careless touch or the fumbling on to a stranger......from the first glance to the last breath...love after all is just a word.

Love after all is just a word which has so many ways for expressing itself,so many words for just a single word, so many lives spent to define it,so many lives spent for purpose of its fulfillment,a word which has as many meanings as the number of People residing on our planet, a word so inexpressible that all the well known dictionaries of the world contradict eachother on this point. a word so simple a word which is not yet definitely defined...makes u wonder doesn't it ...a word whose complexity really lies in its simplicity...a word so meaningful n meaningless all at the same time(for different people)

love after all is just a word......or is it? ? ?

Sunday, 7 January, 2007

Dissecting religion

why God why ?
God well for starters what is he ?
can you the reader or well your parents or the preist or the prime minister or your pet ? when we come to the question who or what or why or when about God then you and I evevyone around us is as brilliant at our pet tommy(or my doggu haha) !

for the past few month i was really intrigued by the big bang created by the creative genius DAN BROWN n his DA VINCI CODE n one thing led to another n i wondered from the book to the religion n began retrospecting on it.
all i figured out was all religions of all origins hav their roots set on the anvil of fear.i mean is it not outrageous how ppl r told IF YOU DONT DO X,Y,X U VL BURN IN HELL or IF U DO X,Y,Z U VL BURN IN HELL....for the God we knw the benelovent omnipotent omnipatient OMNIwatevr (not mocking) how can he the ultimate creator punish us his ultimate creation ? ? ?
well any mistake tht we do can be forgiven by him as TO ERR IS HUMAN TO FORGIVE IS DEVINE right ? ? ?

n yeah if GOD is OMNIPOTENT then why is evil present on planet earth ? cant he destory it ? forget abt destroying why in the first place does evil EXIST ! after all God is the ultimate creator ?
if i start retrospecting all the religious books in the world (which i hav pledged sumday i vl) all of them will hav unmistakeable flaws n all the books are self contradictory...forget SELF CONTRADICTION b/w two different religions evn RELIGIOUS BOOKS of SAME RELIGION r SELF-CONTRADICTORY.

i think the basic problem of the world is it wants to make sum people EXTRAORDINARY by giving them special powers..INHUMAN powers to b true.
the MOON GOD in hindu mythology had loads of wives n evn married his own daughter ! (n gurls u pray to this MOON God in order to get a husband lik him lolZzzz hahahaaaa.....poor souls)
prophet muhammed had 50 wives n loads of slaves ! (no comments)
during dark ages christian popes had PRICE CHART to do away wid sins n wash it away in holiness (so tht u can end up in heaven literally by PAYING.wow brilliant must say !)
christ most probably married a woman ! (i m not saying he shudnt hav m jus saying . . . Y CANT HE !!!!!)
no religion has given any rightful place to any women ever !
all religions hav flaws.....GET A LIFE n get out of ur religious mould ! actually we already hav but our FEARS nvr leave us ! Religion preys on our darkest fears n our mistakes.

if real truth be told all of us dont TRUST in God ! we fear him ! n FEAR can never produce any worthwhile result atleast not long term....
on PUJAs ? on CEREMONIES ? on different PROPHET's bdays ? if he is OMNIPOTENT he vl knw it ! i dont hav to CRAP up sum SANSKRIT SLOKAS or speak HEBREW or pray in ROMAN or evn GREEK (hello brahmins,preists,maulavis or watevr all those things were written in tht language coz those were the language tht was understood by the COMMONERS in that era !!!! wat F%@#!%# purpose does it serve if u use the same language now !!! )to please him !ARE WE ALL TRYING TO APPEASE OUR so called ULTIMATE CREATOR ?
is he tht stupid tht he cant see the real thing or can't understand tht we all are guilty of DOING THINGS IN ORDER TO PLEASE HIM !!!!! n not COZ we want to.
evn if he is present probably he is saddned n crying looking at the way we treat him ! all of this is a false world we all r living in ! we hav religion coz we fear DEATH,we r GREEDY,fear of HELL,coz we hav ENDLESS NEEDS !

A hungry mouth doesnt understand religion
neither does a new born baby
nor does a newly wed life who lost her husband
or a mom whose son was killed
nor do the lil children whose only bread winner lost his limbs

dont u think OSAMA BIN LADEN was a vry religious man ?
so was INDIRA GANDHI'S murderer ! so was GANDHIJI's murderer !
so is evrydamn TERRRORIST who enters our country (INDIA) n so is evry damn RSS leader who breaks windows n shatters shops who sells valentine cards !
n so are the VHP ppl who burnt the GODHRA TRAIN !
the CRUSADERS who faought the crusades were RELIGIOUS !
n HOLOCAUST hpnd coz of tht too !
hav we lost more lives coz of RELIGION (our ultimate saviour THE ULTIMATE PEACE KEEPING force known to MANKIND) then coz of anything els ? ? ? WoW i didnt see tht coming !!!!!
sum1 said around 6.5 billion till date we lost due to religions battles thruout time since it was recorded (thts the official figure...donno how many more unrecrded lives wud hav been lost)

if thr is jus ONE GOD why are there so many PREACHERS ?
and if there are so many preachers why dont they all preach the SAME THINGS (i mean after all they hav descended form ONE GOD right ?)

in my eyes religion has lost path n route,religion has lost its soul,religion has forgotten wat it set out to do....either that or it has ran out its time period.
all relegions in the world n thier holy books hav jus one thing in common they all hav lessons for mankind,they are all social obligations by one form or another,they are a moral code of conduct matched to excellence to thier ambience n time....RELIGION lik ur MOBILE HANDSET or TELEVISION or PLAY STATION or watevr needs to be upgraded so tht today's ppl can find sumthin common wid it.religion is lagging behind in timeline.it needs to evolve wid us n fast ! or we need a new religion a religion tht emcompasses n filters all the good n residues out all the bad......(but hey who vl decide wats good n wats bad ?.....mayb world war 3 will.......i m pretty sure it will be fought on the lines of RELIGION rather than anything else....AHH religion our ULTIMATE saviour to the rescue again i guess.......PEACE amen) we all need a TRUE n NEW religion n for a change.....lets name this one HUMANITY.