Sunday, 13 May, 2007

the ONLY SORRY i'vl EVER be . . .

here i STAND today
FACING you upfront
SOMETHING i had to do
for something i had DONE

yes i KNOW
CRYING is not the way
and i realise this is not FUN
but WHAT can i do
life's been so UNDONE

yes i knew you were RIGHT
yes i knew i was WRONG
up all the WAY through
from the place where WE begun

YES i was wrong
so DAMN what ?
why should i ALWAYS be right ?
in this damn f#$&ed up WORLD

yeah YEAH yeah
i know what THEY say
they say am CROOKED
but NONETHELESS are they

oh yeah TRUE
thats not WHO i am
and you know this COZ
you ACTUALLY know who i am

i know am not PERFECT
you know neither is GOD
may be thats what the PROBLEM is
may be thats where we LOST

may be i was my WORST enemy
may be i was just SCARED
scared of RESENTMENT
becoming my own DESPAIR

yes i know we didnt PLAN this
then again who can plan LIFE ?
life is always a STRUGGLE
and thats why we call it a FIGHT

belief trust and LOVE
was all you ever SHOWERED
and LOOK what i gave you
being such a COWARD

wish i was STRONGER
when i TRULY needed to be
now that the TIME has past
i have finally become a MAN that is me

dont know what i MEANT to you
DONT even know what i meant to me
all i know is you meant a LOT
although that i FAILED to see

yes i was BLIND
from the beginning till the END
coz what i was truly DOING
was just following a fake TREND

this false PRETENSE i walked with
was what had DRIVEN me blind
NOW that i can see
i am trying to REALIGN

no i dont care if the WORLD's reading
read ALL that i have wrote
just be sure to READ the sorry
that is all what i HOPE

never would have been GLOOMY
never would have even TRIED
but what could i DO
you never CAESE to FLOURISH from my eye

yea i know FORGIVENESS is difficult
yea i know its so HARD
but if there is ANYONE in the world
you are the ONLY one who can try

they say EVERYTHING HAPPENS for a reason
and they say the ultimate REASON is FATE
but fate is an EXCUSE,just to VINDICATE

thay say time is the greatest HEALER
they say TIME forgives all
may be thats why you should FORGIVE me
for the sake of the time when we ENTHRALLED

knowing WHO you really are
you really wouldn't CARE
but may be you KNOWING who i really am
might help you forgive my ERR

yeah those were LOUSY excuses
which shouldn't make SENSE at all
but i couldn't find better ALIBIS
to make you COMMEND MY FAULT

Sunday, 6 May, 2007


Tell me what you see
when you close your eyes

I see the stars in the open skies
I see everywhere,in the darkness,
there are lights

Tell me what you see
When you close your eyes
Don't you feel me here in your heart tonight

I feel you
I feel me
I feel us beneath the starlit sky

Tell me what you see
When you close your eyes
Don't you sense like an angel inside

I see,as we lie beneath the stars
I realize how small we are
I see the lights of paradise
Behind the back of fireflies.

Tell me what you see
When you close your eyes
Don't you think the moon has eyes

I see the moon and I see the stars
I see us among the sparks
The stars tell a story of everything and time
They tell me that you are mine

I see so many sights unseen
I feel so many feelings unfelt
Is it you or is it me ?
or is it just us beneath the starry sea...