Friday, 20 January, 2012

You never know...

You never know what happens tomorrow.
Did you know what happened yesterday?
I am sure it breezed through,
I am sure you didn't know how.
You don't care, really.
You never did.

You never know what happens tomorrow.
It could be a lot like yesterday.

But tomorrow could also be unlike yesterday,
Tomorrow could be like tomorrow.
It could be about moments,
Ones that linger,
Ones that you want to linger on.
You never know...

Infact, tomorrow could be your big day,
It could be about the one thing you have been waiting for,
It could be about everything you ever wanted,
It could be about anything,
Give tomorrow, the one that could, a chance.
You never know...

PS: This is my first poem in 4 years and my first post in 2 years. Unfortunate that it couldn't have been earlier. The so called Top Indian MBA from seems to have crippled me on the writing front. Sad. Even more unfortunate that I seem to have almost abandoned my mental shrine, where my thoughts about the world flowed without abatement. I will try and make sure this never happens again without fail and without excuses.