Friday, 23 March, 2007

yeh PYAR kya hota hai ...

jahaan haar mein jeet hai,
aur jeet mein haar hai,
yehi toh pyar hai ,
bas yehi toh pyar hai.

pyar mein acha aur bura nahi hota,
pyar mein saahey aur galat nahi hota,
joo hota hai bas pyar hota hai,
aur pyar ke siwaai kuch nahi hota.

adhurey rishton sey kissi ko kabhi pyar nahi milta,
jhooth keyy sahare mein pyar kabhi kisiko nahi milta,
jo miltey adhurey rishton mein pyar ke mithass,
toh duniya mein pyar ke siwaai aur kuch nahi milta.

jab dard mein khushi hoo,
aur khushi mein aasooon,
inn aasoon key khushi mein joh pyar panapta hai,
iss pyar ko dard kaun pahuchaye,
jab iss pyar ka janam heyy dard mein hota hai.

pyar ko log aaj kitna nufrat kartey hain,
itna nafrat kartey hai key nafrat ko heey pyar kartey hain,
agar isshey tarah haar nafrat mein chupa hoo pyar,
toh log nafrat seyy kyun...pyar seyy kyun pyar nahi kartey hain?

kuch loog pyar sey darr teyy theey,
kuch loog pyar mein dartey hain,
yeh kaisa pyar jiskey darr mein jeetey hoo,
yeh kaisa pyar jisme darr key jeetey hoo,
kyunki pyar toh harr darr ka jawaab hota hai,
kyunki sirf pyar heyy toh harr darr seyy paare hota hai.

logg pyar mein matlaab dhundtey hain,
magar pyar toh bematlaab hota hai,
(kyunki)agar hota hai pyar mein matlab koi,
toh woh pyar nahi dhoka hota hai.

pyar toh harr rog ka illaz hota hai,
magar pyar sey bada kya rog hota hai ?
yeh kaisa rog hai jiska illaz heey nahi hota hai,
magar ek aisa rog jo harr rog ka illaz hota hai.

aur kitna likhun pyar ke baarein mein
raat ke saadey teen bajney koo aaye

jo likhunga toh log murakh kahengey
waise bhi main murakh kahaan
mujhse murakh toh woh jo pyar key naam iss kavita ko padhengey
kyunki agar log padh keyy kavita pyar samajh jaatey
toh main kyun leekhta
joo main leekhkey naa samajhpaya
woh tum padhkey kya samajhlogey...

(my first hinglish poem :) )


abhu said...

and i get to be the first one to comment on ur first "desi poem":P
it was REALLY GUD.
um quite speechless coz u have truely portrayed wat love actually is-"a whole bunch of confusion" and nothing else.
i dont know why u got inspired to write this, reading my poem. mayb coz i was quite confused myself while writing that poem. even that poem tried to express the confusion we face in life. and this one of urs has expressed the huge amount of confusion that love (synonymous for life) holds.
so basically, um quite confused, and since iam quite far frm anythn calld love, i'll try to keep myslf away frm this confusion:P
but ingeneral, great work, keep it um. maybe u can add a few strains of music to it and make a song:)

Tejal said...

ur mad ur mad ur mad!
hmph...arre wah!.. wat a poem.. u kno.. i dunno bout me..but YOU shud definitely write a script for ekta kapoor's show dat we wer talkin bout da other day.. gawddd... total drama king u r!
//joo main leekhkey naa samajhpaya
woh tum padhkey kya samajhlogey//
hahahahha..exactly...luks lik u're doin a PHD on LOVE *smirks*
hmm n bout da poem generally- twas nice but dont ya think its a lil too complicated for da fortunate ppl who arent in love? :D


abhilasha love is not a question or a problem its THE answer and THE solution....n yes i guess evry1 tries to b away from love its jus tht love doesnt try the same...wish it did!

tejal Y DO U THINK I AM MAD I AM MAD I AM MAD ? ? ?....n abt the poem it wasnt complicated but rather it was umm a lil confusing mayb....u cant DUCK all ways...

abhu said...

love is the answer to the ques it itself creats???? wierd. but i guess this poem is kinda continuation of the post u wrote on love.


well LOVE is not just the ANSWER to the QUESTION n CONFUSION it creates but also to a lot of other stuff....u jus hav to luk around......

Tejal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
abhu said...

i thought pple become blind in love... so hw do they luk around???:P
and truely...all i see around me are pple who say they r in love, but r actually not, and jst pose to be in love so as to be in vogue with the on going trend.
its jst timepass nd nthn else.
very rarely do u actually find true love, which i think is next to impossible in the present day scenario.
do u actually think that in today's fast paced world pple have tym to bother bout anybody else?? nope...

Tejal said...

hahahah.. excuse me? both of u r givin so much gyan as though thoroughly experienced in love??? hhehehe... as far as i kno.. dats not true!! phir itni knowlegde kaise??? am i missing something?? *smirks*
*smirks even more*

This comment has been removed by the author.

I never denied that people THINK that they are in LOVE or may be evn belie themselves about it (if u read my poem u vl notice a line which speaks abt MATERIALISM in LOVE)
n yes the biggest mistake is ppl r falling in love coz thier neighbour is fallin in it or thier frnd is or sister is or...i nvr felt that there is was n will evr be a reason for true love....LOVE IS A REASON IN ITSELF...its just that its much more complex than what most of us think.
n YES there is time to care for someone else in today's FALSELY SIMULATED,TREACHEROUSLY TREASONABLE,UNTRUE,SHAM COUNTERFIT,FICTITIOUS DELUSIVE HOLLOW that the world has become.
and if you think there isnt then its a vry sad thing to say coz that means you hav not just lost faith in the world but also LOST FATH IN FAITH ITSELF(may be in yourself too).
and noone ever has to FIND true love,its always there,its always been around and will be;you just have to realise and recognize it....

abhu said...

@tejal- c'mon...u have known me since ages..u know wat i think bout all this. how can u even think of smirking??
@aayush- mayb u r rite. but i feel that true love has ceased to exist in this world. maybe iam losing faith but its circumstantial.


may be situation is bad but I wont lose hope....
umeed pey duniya tikey hai...otherwise its no point living life....
and by the BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.....jus dont whine n complain......:)..cheers.

Amrita Sabat said...

wow......nice stuff. i lik d interchange of syllables here:-
'yeh kaisa pyar jiskey darr mein jeetey hoo,
yeh kaisa pyar jisme darr key jeetey hoo,'

my fav lines r:-
'logg pyar mein matlaab dhundtey hain,
magar pyar toh bematlaab hota hai,
(kyunki)agar hota hai pyar mein matlab koi,
toh woh pyar nahi dhoka hota hai.'

& i very mch agree with d above lines. i too feel love is wen u can quote no reasons. & if u can say dat u love sumbody coz 'he/she is this, that, blah, blah'......i dnt believe dats love.

i went thru all d arguments & counter arguments. though even i hav no real xperience in dis, & till now hav d same frame of mind as abhu, ( nowadez all 'seems' lik but all dat is timepass & in 'vogue'), but still i keep faith lik ayush said.

unconditional love mst b der. lov which gives u freedom rather dan dependence, mst b der. love wich does nt bind u, mst b der.

am not exactly lookin for it. but think dat God makes things happen at d right time & place- for each one of us.

so.....lets live life to our fullest. doing our duties in d best way.
all els will follow...:)

Divvea said...

callous the evangelist on the topic of love..
ppl.. hes D ONE whu knos EVERYTHING .. EVERYTHING abt love!! n he comprehends it sooo well..

amazing insight into the topic.. except fr his own perceptions.

god bless u!!



just coz I didnt..........U
and hence am callous?

yeah right!

Kamonasish Aayush Mazumdar said...

You are a fucking nutcase, and a big sonofabitch. Screw you Kamonasish Aayush Mazumdar!

KavyaAlone said...

Pyaar ek ehasas hota na koi sahbad na koi tasvir ...bas pyaar or ek ehasas