Sunday, 13 May, 2007

the ONLY SORRY i'vl EVER be . . .

here i STAND today
FACING you upfront
SOMETHING i had to do
for something i had DONE

yes i KNOW
CRYING is not the way
and i realise this is not FUN
but WHAT can i do
life's been so UNDONE

yes i knew you were RIGHT
yes i knew i was WRONG
up all the WAY through
from the place where WE begun

YES i was wrong
so DAMN what ?
why should i ALWAYS be right ?
in this damn f#$&ed up WORLD

yeah YEAH yeah
i know what THEY say
they say am CROOKED
but NONETHELESS are they

oh yeah TRUE
thats not WHO i am
and you know this COZ
you ACTUALLY know who i am

i know am not PERFECT
you know neither is GOD
may be thats what the PROBLEM is
may be thats where we LOST

may be i was my WORST enemy
may be i was just SCARED
scared of RESENTMENT
becoming my own DESPAIR

yes i know we didnt PLAN this
then again who can plan LIFE ?
life is always a STRUGGLE
and thats why we call it a FIGHT

belief trust and LOVE
was all you ever SHOWERED
and LOOK what i gave you
being such a COWARD

wish i was STRONGER
when i TRULY needed to be
now that the TIME has past
i have finally become a MAN that is me

dont know what i MEANT to you
DONT even know what i meant to me
all i know is you meant a LOT
although that i FAILED to see

yes i was BLIND
from the beginning till the END
coz what i was truly DOING
was just following a fake TREND

this false PRETENSE i walked with
was what had DRIVEN me blind
NOW that i can see
i am trying to REALIGN

no i dont care if the WORLD's reading
read ALL that i have wrote
just be sure to READ the sorry
that is all what i HOPE

never would have been GLOOMY
never would have even TRIED
but what could i DO
you never CAESE to FLOURISH from my eye

yea i know FORGIVENESS is difficult
yea i know its so HARD
but if there is ANYONE in the world
you are the ONLY one who can try

they say EVERYTHING HAPPENS for a reason
and they say the ultimate REASON is FATE
but fate is an EXCUSE,just to VINDICATE

thay say time is the greatest HEALER
they say TIME forgives all
may be thats why you should FORGIVE me
for the sake of the time when we ENTHRALLED

knowing WHO you really are
you really wouldn't CARE
but may be you KNOWING who i really am
might help you forgive my ERR

yeah those were LOUSY excuses
which shouldn't make SENSE at all
but i couldn't find better ALIBIS
to make you COMMEND MY FAULT



astonishing!!....again aayush at his best..u r getting closer to win 1 dear :D

hope that person apprehends this!!

Amrita Sabat said...

dis is amazing man........

even i hope that whoever the lucky person is, for whom the poem is dedicated, gets to read this......:)

dnt wrry abt being forgiven.....coz it brings tears to the reader's eyes....& to that special person it'll b a torrent of emotions, forgiveness, love all combined.....:)

keep up d amazin wrk.....

Anonymous said...

wats the point in forgiving????aayush??
it was not a mistake at all....
indeed life has got some crooked twists
but that is what i am bothered about the least.....

preseela said...

hey aayush...
keep it up buddy.. really touched d heart...
the best part was, i felt that there was no effort 2 write it.. it came out straight right?
bein sorry really needs a lot of courage... amazin..
dont wanna sympathize u or wish dat that person reads n stuff... but can say... trust ur heart... n hope for d best..
amazin one man...

This comment has been removed by the author.
Tejal said...

Wats really important dat u hav realised ur mistake.. asked for forgivness n u're message has reached da person.. Mission Accomplished. U've done ur part..let da person do their's.

nirvan nanda said...

i wont coment on to whom it was dedicated or anything or abt ur apogology or watever...

i will jst take it as a blog and say dude wenever u r in ur groove u can write any damn good thing!!!!

P.S-i looked fr mistakes :P:P incorrigible @#$$#@$#@ dat iam..but dis one was too good to be criticised!!

i want to see more of this...


oh my God huge mixup !!!
i thot sum1 els commented as anonymous !!!
newayz i knw tht "SUM1 ELS" has read thts wat satisfies me.....nonetheless....thr was no point in deleteing all ur comments... of luck
n for the "anonymous girl" who posted the comment "tara" seriously go thru the poem once how can it b in ur context.....!! n y the hell shud i be sorry to u for watevr reason!!! CANT U READ "THE ONLY SORRY I VL EVR BE" i mean it literally WHY N HOW N WAHT WERE U THINKING !!!! D-UH!!!!!
thts it no more anonymous posting in my account.....!!!!
U RUINED it all FOREVER now feelin happy yet??? n y wud i post it here if it was adressed to u"tara" !!!!.......m seriously pissed abt this.....!!
n for the ONE WHO DELETED ALL HER COMMENTS IN MY ACCOUNT AS WELL AS HERS i tried....thts all i vl is for u to fall back,luk back or b happy abt.sum1 said "we always hav choices in life and choices decide who we are"i choose to be sorry for wat i did do but more so for wat i didnt do(atelast i cud hav been brave enuf to say NO i wont but i didnt n thts y i m whr i m today n so r u n so is the distance b/w us)thank u for evrythin u evr


wow!!i nevr knew u write so well...keep up d gud work...take care n stay in touch...ankita...

abhu said...

hey!!! iam at a loss of words!!!!! it is beautiful:)

Shalinee..On MetaMinD Karma said...

knw what's so differnt abt this poem isnt such a class act...not like Cnvicted to Conviction or there she comes again(thats a master piece!!)...but but but u meant ,felt every word,...u didnt write this one to just show powress..and it doesnt at all bring out ur best.honestly!!!....but but butsumtimes its far more imp far more difficult to put out ur heart nd catching those thoughts whizzin away fast up above...nd for that HATS OFF

Confused of wht i mean?..simply 'Sumtimes its far more imp to try a gr8 thing ideal..even if u miss out by a nick'...ND this was far more difficult...than 'THere She Comes' which ws nt difficult and u hit a SIX with it..Gotchaaa??

PS : u may beg to differ and dats coz u r u nd nt me!!!


there are things which hav materialistic value and some which hav asthetical value.....this one has asthetical value..."thr she comes again" is in an altogether differnet league than this n two cant nvr be compared coz both deal with very differnt subject matter...on top of that this poem is vry vry personal n it weaves a story which is true word to word n thus is vry close to my heart i.e. u cant relate this poem to anyone or anything it has to fit the situation....n abt the other poems i hav written its more general in nature (n i wish to make them general so tht evry1 can relate to them coz i believe a gud poem shud hav transcending nature unless its a vry personal one)
see basically ONE SHUD NVR COMPARE FORMS OF ART its literally impossible u cant do it.
the bful fact abt this poem is i didnt try to write it it jus poured out...THR SHE COMES AGAIN luks vry nice coz its vry rhyming n tht adds to its beauty...its jus tht u knw "EMOTIONS DONT ALWAYS RHYME"...its hard enuf to put them in words u knw.....:) i m actually proud of myself tht i wrote this poem.
thank u for ur kind appreciation miss shalinee
tejal lasha ankita amrita twinkle n nirvan
thank u for ur comments

Chirag said...

do u really feel wut uve penned..or is it justa creation...>>

Chirag Mohanty


i dont knw if u knw me enuf but i guess u atleast knw this much tht i dont do things which i dont believe in....n the only time i didnt was the reason for all this n so the "sorry note" n u cant pen wat u cant feel......no1 can!n u knw it coz u hav loved sum1 in ur life...
thts y v still love the love letters coz they hav value in them u cant fake it all the while!
i m vry impulsive and follow my heart all the while in watevr i do [n thts y u lykd me n thts y u hate me(plz dont say used me coz i vl really get hurt)..strange isnt lyf's equations change in a blink of an eye...a fone call...a msg...a letter...a email or lack of any of those mayb...] at the same tym self assess myself at evry juncture of tym U KNW I M NVR EVR SORRY but abt this incident I M coz i didnt follow my heart n to b true not evn my head!!! n i knew i was rong but i still didnt stop myself,i knew i shudnt hav dragged myslef into it n i shudnt hav been let dragged either but wat makes me feel bad abt myself is i didnt stand for my principles n didnt stand my ground n luk wat i got...if i stood for my principles back then,i might hav feel pressurised but atleast i cud luk myself into the eye n not suffocate inside.
nothin can b undone in life but i guess we must do our part n salvage wat ever we can if we evr do a mistake n i knw i did n so the self they say its all abt "KARMA" thts wat life is abt...making the best of it from each n evry moment n giving ur best each n evry tym all the while holding onto wat u believe in...i believe to be sorry for the only mistake i hav done... n m not ashamed of owning upto it...i knw most of ppl might b thinking it wasnt evn a big mistake but it was atleast tht wat i can judge from myside coz i didnt practice wat i preach n coz i didnt stand for my values...n to b true it more of a sorry to myself n then to ne1 tht atleast i can try n luk beyond it so tht i knw tht although i did a mistake but i realized it n tried to ammend it n moved on to learn a big lesson for life.atleast it has made me a wiser,stronger,better man than wat i used to be.

another brick in the wall said...

sorry is a bad word :P