Sunday, 8 April, 2007


how will this WILL ever SUBDUE
how will this DESIRE ever DIE
how will this TRUTH ever LIE
how will my SPIRIT ever COMPLY

what if the DESTINATION is afar
what if the JOURNEY is tough
what if the ROUTE's full of thorns
what if the HORIZON is hazy
what if the NIGHT overshadows the sun
what if my HEART wants to reckon...

...coz' every destination has ANSWERS
coz' every journey has LESSONS
coz' every route has BARRIERS
coz' every horizon is a BEGINNING
coz' every star BURNS
coz' every night GIVES AWAY
coz' every heart can FRAY

never let your belief ASTRAY.


Tejal said...

heyyy...amazin composition! one of ur finest works!
some of da major questions in life... u've put it up in an accurate n adorable way! *pats*
btw,i hope WILL never subdues!
Keep up da gud work!

abhu said...

u know wat. reading ur poem, i felt as if someone was reassuring me aftr that "black sunday".
seriously,iam feeling much more positive now and i wont thank u, coz its unintentional and accidental that u chose to write the poem now, and i chose to read it now:D

twinkle said...

waah! KAMONASISH MAZUMDAR at his best....keep up da gud work..u will surely win one....u know what..=d>....AND yess never let ur belief astray


thank u folks.....evr so delighted to serve u :P n myself...
(aww tejal thanx...u get my first book free ok ?)
(yes abhilasha u wont THANK ME! n thts the bottom line *sobs sobs*...waise bhi who wants recognition..hmpf)
(yes i wont let my belief astray twinki...thank u for the support!)

twinkle said...

NEtym big deal!!!!
i too want ur first book free....without ur autograph :P one handwriting notebook and start practising :D well,one wont help! u vl need one dozen i guess :))

Dazzy said...

queries plus solutions together...all beautifully wounded up