Friday, 13 March, 2009

for 21 years.

Thank You Family - The only people who think about you without seeing any profit motive.

Thank You Teachers - The only people who do the same as above but do so without the relation of blood, want of recognition or lust for praise (mostly).

Thank You Friends - The only people who stick to you not because they are obligated.

Thank You "Friends" aka known as Frenmies - The only people who make you practice Kaizen-the Japanese art of continuous self improvement.

Thank You Television, Computer, Internet, Movies, Music, Books et al - The only people who are not made of flesh and blood but give you as much information, if not more, as the people who are made up of flesh and blood.

Thank You all for 21 years of my existence :)


aap ka smarak said...

I took lot pain to understand the audacity of a self confessed guy with appropriate humility.The guy who hardly coincides himself with any leitmotif and dejected tunes.I wish everyone ll move forward to sponsor this super creative stud guy..... my best wishes for a powerful music composer...!


This comment, by far, is the sweetest and the sincerest thing that any senior guy from my college has ever blessed on me with :)

thank you for all your belief and wishes.....i hope i am able to turn a few of your blessings into concrete action.

rajan chauhan said...

hey mister!

i wish you all the very best for life and i am hoping you will very soon be a very successful person in what ever you choose to endeavour. knowing you i can say there is nothing that can stop you from becoming one of the brightest and the best things that has ever happened to...i dont shall see...:)...but know that people like me are waiting for you to change a lot of things.

we count on you.

PINKAL said...

Few people realise the worth of the affection n care of family and friends...the unasked love that is!!I dont think I would be wrong in saying that they take everything for granted.

Books,music, bare necessities these days i guess!!

Nice to know U appreciate the presence of all these constraints in your life.:)

Hrishika said...

:) i am so happy for you that you turned out exactly as i predicted long ago. infact when we are kids and understood little of life.

back in defence colony, you were the one kid that so many people knew as the child prodigy. you knew about everything back then and you seem to know about everything right now.

i miss you loads. more than you can probably imagine right now. not just being around you but the aura that you had was in itself a quiet blessing. you be good ok?
and don't make or let the girls run around you so much! they feel bad, get hurt and get tired :P :)

aunty ko jab milungey toh saab bataungey rukko :D
heard about your dad being ill sometime back. hope he gets well soon.

hrishika agnihotri

(i hope your disease of forgetting people has gotten better)

Amrita Sabat said...

wow..gr8 thots! but WHERE R U DESE DEZ?! y nt updatin ur blog????