Saturday, 3 May, 2008

Transient Satiation

We love what we can't have because of the same.
We also love something more when someone else has that something and we don't, but the same particular thing becomes mundane when we have it in our grasp.
As amazing as it sounds, one could only know the fact's true value when a person realises this astonishing concept and its far reaching consequences on his/her own.

Just think about it for a moment, don't we always keep wanting and longing for the things we never had? Mostly because we never had them. The same phenomenon can explain so many things like why someone reads a borrowed book, magazine, or even a newspaper with much more vigour than when the same thing belongs to him/her, like why we love the things we steal (when and if we steal) more than the thing we have bought, like why the ice-cream or chocolate or pizza tastes even better when you are eating it from someone else, why people on television look way more desirable than when and if contacted in veridical life, why yearning for someone perfect to fall in love with is more exciting than falling in love with a real person.

The only logical explanation for this would be that since we anticipate a lot from something, we take to be perfect and thus languish for it but and when the realisation that nothing is perfect strikes us and when we actually come in terms with the reality, it becomes very hard for our ego to own upto the fact, thereby adding to the list of complaints and woes. Anticipation, perfection and reality therefore are the unholy trinity in the whole scenario and sometimes when the trinity twines or rather crashes into eachother, the love for the particular thing might take a beating for the worst, breaking the brittle rose tinted glass of expectations involved with it. The same idea can explain why we tend be in love forever with something we have never had or someone we have never known in real life. So the very act of not knowing someone for real and not having the thing you yearn for is the reason behind love for the particular object of desire therefore, to be in love forever, love something you can never have, since anything which you can't have can't let you down.

So is love of yearning more powerful than the yearning of love? Yes, when things are materialistic and thence temporary. Subsequently as most human wants are temporary, the approximation can again very well explain the reason behind a lot of human wants and desires which can inturn explain human miseries and cause for pining like people without money, want money and when they get it, they then lose peace over it and search for peace all over again, sometimes even in lieu of money. May be the whole process of wanting, striving, getting, suffering and losing, in that finical order is the ultimate lesson for all humanity. It may be so that once we truly understand the process, we understand that wanting anything we don't have is the reason behind human excruciation.We as humans live mere human lives because most of us continue to want our insatiable wishes even while on the death bed, all the while remembering to forget that we arrive on planet earth without anything and we leave it the same way, so why should we at all want anything that can't be with us eternally, since we ourselves aren't forever?


Abhu said...

:) true... i cudnt have agreed more with u (i cant believe um writing this :P). And there is smthn i really fail to understand. WHY do most of ur posts pop up when i just need to read smthn like dat?? Dey smhow always seem to solve some of my dbts :O prolly its just the law of attraction:P


(u love tht rhonda brynes documentary dont u? :|)
(n evn i wish i cud write more)
i sorta hav gud popping habits :P


vEry -wEll written- aayush,,:)


Tejal said...

//all the while remembering to forget that we arrive on planet earth without anything and we leave it the same way, so why should we at all want anything that can't be with us eternally, since we ourselves aren't forever?

i quote thee-

what ever it is that you want "FOREVER" and you think you love,enjoy it,relish it,savour it then and there coz that may be that very moment is all that you have in life



@twinkle-thank u thank u :P

@tejal-vry smart comment, i must say...a writer writes bcoz he wants to right n he writes wat he writes wen he writes coz he feels that way the moment he is writing...
n i love myself more wen i can write abt two opposite ends of the spectrum wid the same vigour...:P

adyasha said...

well... yet again i guess it lacks genuineness . I mean ofcourse u r a good writer but these r stuff tht people hv already come across ( or stuff people want to find out for themselves )
N more importantly u r not even giving contradictory opinion its the same matter perhaps wid modified phrases n well framed sentences
but yea i did lik it for sure

Anubha said...

hey hiee.. i loved dis post..
especially cuz i cud relate to evry word u said
i had a similar experience out of da ones u just mentioned..
u think along a totally different track ... lyk dat ..
we ,as humans , tend to think life is permanent.. cuz our life-spans are such !! so we try to get all dat we can within dat span, to make da best of it !

anyway, nice post, and wonderful blog overall ! keep it up ;)


call me crazy but....if u think
it needs genuineness??? (r u comparing me wid vivekananda??? :|... lisn m not thr yet)
n umm abt writing sumthin tht ppl havnt "COME ACROSS"....uhh lik wat??? ALIENS???...well ppl hav written loads abt tht too...(gimme a topic which "PPL" havnt written abt...:|...dont gimme a topic lik an EGG WID HAIR ON IT :|)
n uhh WHY shud i hav CONTRADICTORY opinion on the same post??? i sure can but whether i do it or not is completely the my choice naa??? btw...check my "FOREVER" post...tht is in a subtle way contradictory to this piece of writing...which my dear frnd tejal has correctly figured out...
a writer doesnt hav to believe in sumthin forever but he only has to believe in the thing he is writing on for the moment he is engaged in it...the nxt moment he is entitled to think abt the diametric opposite
thing...if he wishes to...thts wat makes a writer a writer...coz he is not biased abt his own sentiments n judgements...
u send me another blog which speaks abt the xact same thing n sum1 whoz around our age bracket n i vl say u r ryt...
seriously i love constructive criticism...but if u say tht this lacks originality then thr must b sumthin rong...which can also be in me..or my sense or perception...n ofcourse it is...hence m the one writing the blogs ;)

@anubha..thank u....i think if u lik thsi blog..u might as well lik the others too....:P
yea i knw u can relate to many can....:)

pernilla said...

This is one of the best blogs i have ever visited in my entire life.
what you have depicted here remains the single most beautiful thing i have ever read about the given topic by any author.
may i please know your name? have you written any book sir?

with love from sweden
Pernilla Solvig :)

adyasha said...

i absolutely agree wid u .
i just say that you are the kind of guy who writes diffenrently " FOREVER" depicted that side so do all your other stuff n i have been a genuine admirer of your writing its jus that both of your recent posts seem like they are a compilation of good things that "I" have read earlier about the same
so i felt so
anyway i did mention i liked it nevertheless

sarthak said...

the best so far i must say !!!!!

so true :)!!!!!

Ol da best !!!

i wish u bcom wht u hav dreamt of !!

jhinuk dasgupta said...

this is the best piece of writing i have seen coming from a 20 year old guy ever :)

makes me so happy!

tabz said...

this is complete!! nothing i ever say will do justice to it...

and i loved it!! =)