Tuesday, 16 January, 2007

LOVE is just a word or IS IT ?

LOVE after all is just a word
a word which has no real meaning but just concepts n ideologies.
a word which is full of feelings and emotions, full of smile and tears and every other curve of face in between, in some cases both smiles and tears at the same time...(i am yet to see a more beautiful human face than that of a state of such happiness that they shed tears)
a word which is the only hope in today's war n power world....the only word which looks forward to everyday life in one way or another......from the love of a mother to the love of a spouse whats really splendid is we cant really differentiate in between any form of it.....after all love is just a word.

LOVE after all is just a word a word which has so many definations is so many ways in so many emotions in so many verbal n non verbal ways in so many ways of
expressions in all its valour n courage fighting through fake attitude...pseudo attraction...unreal world of real people....still peeping through where ever it can...through glancing of our eyes, through the wriggling of fingers, running fingers through the hair to caressing your neck even the humble smile to the not so humble biting of lips, the careless touch or the fumbling on to a stranger......from the first glance to the last breath...love after all is just a word.

Love after all is just a word which has so many ways for expressing itself,so many words for just a single word, so many lives spent to define it,so many lives spent for purpose of its fulfillment,a word which has as many meanings as the number of People residing on our planet, a word so inexpressible that all the well known dictionaries of the world contradict eachother on this point. a word so simple a word which is not yet definitely defined...makes u wonder doesn't it ...a word whose complexity really lies in its simplicity...a word so meaningful n meaningless all at the same time(for different people)

love after all is just a word......or is it? ? ?


Tejal said...

I beg 2 differ..Love isnt jus a word..its da soul of life.. its wat makes us happy..be it parents, friends, special ppl..wichever form.. its an emotion wich keeps us Alive n Shining.. its wat life is all about.. giving n receivin love.. its definitely not JUST a word... um not referin 2 archies-yash chopra-titanic type love only.. watever it is..its definitely real..yes..it makes me wonder y its so complicated n stuff but as u said..its different for different ppl.. so lets wait n watch til someone finds an actual MEANIN for da word.. :)

Divvea said...

well love is just a word.. awrite.. tejal says.. it aint just a word! love is an idea! whch evr way u interpret it. broadly defined, its d passion n attraction n attachment n d sense of belonging fr sum1 or sumthing.. nw tht can b ur country, ur spouse, parents, frenz, pups.. ne1.. ur guitar or ur gadget!

Amrita Sabat said...

wow.....well written yaar.
but of course love means diffrent things to diffrent ppl.
& no one believes in it till one 'falls' in it.
btw, y do we 'fall' in love? we shd ideally rise in love.......:)

abhu said...

hey!! this one was lovely:)

true. love is just a word. but perhaps the most misinterpreted one; the most ambiguous one. like tejal says, love is definitely feeling and emotions, without which each one of us will be incomplete. why btween human beings? we love our pets, we love our surroundings, we love evrything we have. it is the sense of attachment we have with things around us.
i think it is impossible to explain the meaning of "love" coz u've gotta feel it to know it.
u know, i am completely against all those pple who lay down certain norms for love. all the socially correct "do's and donts" are so stupid. love is not smthn u can have a control on. its not ur fault if u love smone. i dont understand why pple make such a big issue outta it. but well..thats da way lyf goes i guess:)