Sunday, 7 January, 2007

Dissecting religion

why God why ?
God well for starters what is he ?
can you the reader or well your parents or the preist or the prime minister or your pet ? when we come to the question who or what or why or when about God then you and I evevyone around us is as brilliant at our pet tommy(or my doggu haha) !

for the past few month i was really intrigued by the big bang created by the creative genius DAN BROWN n his DA VINCI CODE n one thing led to another n i wondered from the book to the religion n began retrospecting on it.
all i figured out was all religions of all origins hav their roots set on the anvil of fear.i mean is it not outrageous how ppl r told IF YOU DONT DO X,Y,X U VL BURN IN HELL or IF U DO X,Y,Z U VL BURN IN HELL....for the God we knw the benelovent omnipotent omnipatient OMNIwatevr (not mocking) how can he the ultimate creator punish us his ultimate creation ? ? ?
well any mistake tht we do can be forgiven by him as TO ERR IS HUMAN TO FORGIVE IS DEVINE right ? ? ?

n yeah if GOD is OMNIPOTENT then why is evil present on planet earth ? cant he destory it ? forget abt destroying why in the first place does evil EXIST ! after all God is the ultimate creator ?
if i start retrospecting all the religious books in the world (which i hav pledged sumday i vl) all of them will hav unmistakeable flaws n all the books are self contradictory...forget SELF CONTRADICTION b/w two different religions evn RELIGIOUS BOOKS of SAME RELIGION r SELF-CONTRADICTORY.

i think the basic problem of the world is it wants to make sum people EXTRAORDINARY by giving them special powers..INHUMAN powers to b true.
the MOON GOD in hindu mythology had loads of wives n evn married his own daughter ! (n gurls u pray to this MOON God in order to get a husband lik him lolZzzz hahahaaaa.....poor souls)
prophet muhammed had 50 wives n loads of slaves ! (no comments)
during dark ages christian popes had PRICE CHART to do away wid sins n wash it away in holiness (so tht u can end up in heaven literally by brilliant must say !)
christ most probably married a woman ! (i m not saying he shudnt hav m jus saying . . . Y CANT HE !!!!!)
no religion has given any rightful place to any women ever !
all religions hav flaws.....GET A LIFE n get out of ur religious mould ! actually we already hav but our FEARS nvr leave us ! Religion preys on our darkest fears n our mistakes.

if real truth be told all of us dont TRUST in God ! we fear him ! n FEAR can never produce any worthwhile result atleast not long term....
on PUJAs ? on CEREMONIES ? on different PROPHET's bdays ? if he is OMNIPOTENT he vl knw it ! i dont hav to CRAP up sum SANSKRIT SLOKAS or speak HEBREW or pray in ROMAN or evn GREEK (hello brahmins,preists,maulavis or watevr all those things were written in tht language coz those were the language tht was understood by the COMMONERS in that era !!!! wat F%@#!%# purpose does it serve if u use the same language now !!! )to please him !ARE WE ALL TRYING TO APPEASE OUR so called ULTIMATE CREATOR ?
is he tht stupid tht he cant see the real thing or can't understand tht we all are guilty of DOING THINGS IN ORDER TO PLEASE HIM !!!!! n not COZ we want to.
evn if he is present probably he is saddned n crying looking at the way we treat him ! all of this is a false world we all r living in ! we hav religion coz we fear DEATH,we r GREEDY,fear of HELL,coz we hav ENDLESS NEEDS !

A hungry mouth doesnt understand religion
neither does a new born baby
nor does a newly wed life who lost her husband
or a mom whose son was killed
nor do the lil children whose only bread winner lost his limbs

dont u think OSAMA BIN LADEN was a vry religious man ?
so was INDIRA GANDHI'S murderer ! so was GANDHIJI's murderer !
so is evrydamn TERRRORIST who enters our country (INDIA) n so is evry damn RSS leader who breaks windows n shatters shops who sells valentine cards !
n so are the VHP ppl who burnt the GODHRA TRAIN !
the CRUSADERS who faought the crusades were RELIGIOUS !
n HOLOCAUST hpnd coz of tht too !
hav we lost more lives coz of RELIGION (our ultimate saviour THE ULTIMATE PEACE KEEPING force known to MANKIND) then coz of anything els ? ? ? WoW i didnt see tht coming !!!!!
sum1 said around 6.5 billion till date we lost due to religions battles thruout time since it was recorded (thts the official figure...donno how many more unrecrded lives wud hav been lost)

if thr is jus ONE GOD why are there so many PREACHERS ?
and if there are so many preachers why dont they all preach the SAME THINGS (i mean after all they hav descended form ONE GOD right ?)

in my eyes religion has lost path n route,religion has lost its soul,religion has forgotten wat it set out to do....either that or it has ran out its time period.
all relegions in the world n thier holy books hav jus one thing in common they all hav lessons for mankind,they are all social obligations by one form or another,they are a moral code of conduct matched to excellence to thier ambience n time....RELIGION lik ur MOBILE HANDSET or TELEVISION or PLAY STATION or watevr needs to be upgraded so tht today's ppl can find sumthin common wid it.religion is lagging behind in needs to evolve wid us n fast ! or we need a new religion a religion tht emcompasses n filters all the good n residues out all the bad......(but hey who vl decide wats good n wats bad ?.....mayb world war 3 will.......i m pretty sure it will be fought on the lines of RELIGION rather than anything else....AHH religion our ULTIMATE saviour to the rescue again i guess.......PEACE amen) we all need a TRUE n NEW religion n for a change.....lets name this one HUMANITY.


abhu said...

hmm!!!i agree dat religion has lost its meaning in todays world. and i definitely dont bleve in "do this or u'll burn in hell" crap. all this is jst shit, created by pple who dont have the strength of character or will to do anything better with their lives and that of others. infact, i feel, if one starts fearing God then one can never be confident of doing anything. u need to HAVE God WITH u rather than treat him like sm hitler or sm anti-party agent
about wat u wrote on both good and bad existing in this world, i think, one needs to see the dark side of things to learn to value and appreciate the bright side. jst like u dont realize the value of a drop of water till u very very thirsty.
i think one should follow their heart which is the best teacher and preacher. the world can only talk of osama like pple and critisize their actions, but nobody cares to think of WHAT must have lead them to do such ghastly things. even most of da terrorists have rock solid reasons supporting their acts.

Tejal said...

ahem! baba rana ji at his best.
see..u dont need to confuse urself so much.. God is jus a belief..its a ray of hope for ppl..wen they think dat da solution to their problems isnt possible by any earthly means..they turn to a supernatural power, God.
n da hell part is..heheh..its jus a fear instilling dat ppl fear someone before doin horrible acts..but its lost its purpose hasnt it?
i belive..dat wateva v do..v r responsible for our own actions.. n v wil get da reward/punishment in this life itself..idunno bout life after dat.. but i sure hope dat they hav male-equivalents of Apsaras there in heaven..or else i mite not survive ther.. lol..
n i agree wit abhudi dat one has to see da dark side to actually appreciate da bright side n most makes us decide wich side v r on..da gud or da bad.
nowadays..all pandits etc hav made a commercial religion..this indeed is wrong..but u da end of it.. u need sum source of inspiration to live..sum hope.. bcoz Umeed par duniya kayam hai rite?
u cannot hav a universal religion... how can saddam/osama/bush/musarraf type ppl agree to terms lik saving humanity? tis not possible.

Divvea said...

why d fuck do u alws reflect wht i think?? no wonder we geld so well fr tht short span of time! it ws soo much lik i ws readin meh own mind! remm we had a talk on this... dis same topic.. on d telephn.

well.. d whole concept of d omnipotent is a fiction! ev since man civilizd.. he strtd actin uncivilizd! so thr ws a need of sumthin or sum1 which wud instill tht fear in him to behave d so called rite way! n lo! we hd GOD!!

its rite wht abhu n tejal r emphasisin on.. bt thy wont "get" wht d root of d whole thing is abt! n d fact tht thr aint any actual root.

nishant said...

i quite agree with what you say...but the problem is that without some degree of fear...wont thr be complete anarchy...dont u think that to maintain needs such instruments as religion?....if not then plz let us know the alternative...